Super deluxe with an organic feel, the new Hotel Zed Tofino wows with a colour scheme of burnt orange, avocado green, and eggplant purple to make it a perfectly groovy fit for the wilderness-filled Tofino. It exudes 1970’s swank and has awesome amenities that are truly memorable. Like its locations in Victoria and Kelowna, Hotel Zed Tofino rebels against the ordinary, but in a whole new way.

hotel zed, beattie tartan, tofino, retro, helen siwak, vancouver, vancity, yvr, bc, ecoluxluv
Rec Room madness abounds through this decor | Image by @hotelzed
hotel zed, beattie tartan, tofino, retro, helen siwak, vancouver, vancity, yvr, bc, ecoluxluv
Sophisticated 70’s suite to snuggle in | Image by @hotelzed

Check out these truly out-of-the-ordinary features!

The World’s First Bike-Through Lobby. You have heard of bike-paths that go around a hotel, but have you heard of one that goes right through a hotel? Well, that is exactly what you will find at Hotel Zed Tofino. Ride along the well-known Multi-Use Path in Tofino, take a slight detour, and arrive right at Hotel Zed Tofino’s doors. You can proceed to bike right in and through the lobby, come out on the other side, and continue on your journey. So smooth!

A Light-Up Mini Disco. With a fog machine, a glittery sequined wall, and an incredible mirrored disco ball, this mini-disco is sure to get you in the mood to put on your boogie shoes. Personalize the experience by plugging in your own device to the sound system. The best part? The LED floor lights up to interact with your dance moves and your tunes.

A Secret Arcade. Quite literally a ‘hidden gem,’ make sure you keep an eye out for the bookshelf. Nondescript for the most part, however – this is not any old bookshelf. With the twist of a bookshelf a tiny arcade will be revealed.  This arcade is jam-packed with retro games that are changed out regularly. Think Donkey Kong Jr, Ms Pac-Man and more—hopefully, Galaga is coming up soon!

“We had so much fun creating the various elements within this property. I have to say that the bike through lobby is my favourite part. I can’t think of anything more amusing than being able to ride my bike right into the lobby and not get in trouble!” quips Mandy Farmer, CEO and president of Hotel Zed, who is an avid cyclist herself.

hotel zed, beattie tartan, tofino, retro, helen siwak, vancouver, vancity, yvr, bc, ecoluxluv
Like a candy-coloured Shining experience! Yummy! | Image by @hotelzed

Hotel Zed Tofino is also part of the Tribal Park Allies – a community of businesses committed to the ecological protection and restoration of the Tribal Parks ancestral gardens and the resurgence of Tla-o-qui-aht culture and governance – and has committed to collecting a 1% voluntary fee from its customers for the cause. There will also be a mini-book, placed in every guest room, that tells the story about the history of guardianship and activism in Tofino called, ʔiisaak in the Garden (Respect in the Garden).

hotel zed, beattie tartan, tofino, retro, helen siwak, vancouver, vancity, yvr, bc, ecoluxluv
Dusk at the Hotel Zed Tofino | Image by @hotelzed

A 3-Some of Hotel Zeds

Hotel Zeds are ridiculously fun, unpretentious hotels in Victoria, Kelowna, and Tofino, that are so Instagram’able and guarantee an experience that completely rebels against the ordinary. The hotel injects tons of fun in every stay. Additionally, Hotel Zed in Victoria and Kelowna are equipped with a pool, a hot tub, and a ping pong lounge.

As we are sure you have ascertained, all the Hotel Zeds have retro-chic amenities like comic books, vinyl listening stations, typewriter stations, board games, rotary dial phones and more.

Contact the Hotel Zed Tofino directly and book one of the 58 rooms available or ask about The Zedstream for a truly cool experience!


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