At first glance, the STACKlab furniture collection is definitely vibrant and unique, but as you move closer it becomes apparent that each is a  fabric masterpiece of simplicity.

stacklab, felt collection, alpenglow, helen siwak, home decor, luxury

STACKLAB is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary art and-design studio founded by Jeff Forrest, in 2013. Originally from Calgary, Forrest is displaying the latest Felt collection in Canada exclusively in Vancouver. Alpenglow Projects in the Parker Building is hosting the collection and viewing is by private appointment only.

STACKLab creates incredible conceptual projects of different sizes and and scope by collaborating with regional experts in material, craft, science, and technology. There are two divisions, OBJECT (furniture and art objects) and PROJECT (focus on architecture, interior design, and installation) through these two processes create beautiful contemporary pieces that just scream west coast.

stacklab, felt collection, alpenglow, helen siwak, home decor, luxury

Introducing The Felt Collection

The Felt Collection includes benches, stools, side tables, and chairs. Every piece is made using off-cut premium Merino wool sourced from manufacturers  in Toronto and Upstate New York using a custom-developed algorithm. The algorithm creates better efficiencies and expands upon material life cycles and market opportunities.

Floor prototypes were exhibited with Boston-based Art + Design Gallery, Salon, in March 2020 and the full collection debuted digitally at Milan Design Week at the Isola Design District in June 2020.

felt collection, alpenglow, helen siwak, home decor, luxury

felt collection, alpenglow, helen siwak, home decor, luxury

It is All About the Algorithm

The Felt Collection is the result of ingenuity and technology thinking together to identify the surplus off-cut and end-of-bolt felted wool that, when stored, occupied significant factory space and led to severe wastage. By identifying regional manufacturers who had this waste in their processes and collaborated to figure out how to aggregate their material.

STACKLab then designed a system to categorize the surplus and developed an algorithm that matches the categorized pieces to their specifications and uses. The outcome is a collection that is inherently based on efficiency and reuse of materials. Repurposing waste with a masterful result.

STACKLab ‘The Felt Collection’ in Vancouver

The Felt Collection is on display with Alpenglow Projects in Vancouver now through April 2021 and is was part of Dutch Design Week (October 17-25) as a feature designer in the exhibit Materialized, which is focused on sustainable design solutions with innovative production technique.


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