rows of vegan chocolate at beta5 in vancouver betaChocolates by Beta 5 are so artfully presented, it can be challenging to imagine that they taste even better than they look. However, the Industrial Avenue chocolatier has an eight-year reputation for satisfying Vancouver’s sweet tooth and recently opened a new home for fans to sample their creations in comfort.

Several of Beta 5’s offerings are prepared vegan: the “Dark Force Bar” and the “Almost Chocolate Bar,” which is an adaptation of The Juice Truck’s legendary “Almost Chocolate Smoothie.” Word is many new plantbased offerings are being created, which will no doubt, suit the palate of the west coast market.

rows of colourful chocolate at beta5 in vancouver

The candymaker has opened the Beta 5 Café next door to their existing location. The 900-square-foot, 16-seater café will feature coffee, tea, and hot chocolates along with their current chocolate, candy, and pastry offerings. Concrete, wood and steel accents form a chic and relaxing atmosphere for visitors to enjoy and indulge, and a pastel-coloured polygon by local artist Scott Sueme will be on full display.

rows of colourful chocolate at beta5 in vancouver

Beta 5 has a reputation for chocolate that goes far beyond Vancouver and shortly after their launching won over 50 International Chocolate Awards. Founders Adam Chandler and Jessica Rosinski are committed to quality, and they source ethical and sustainable cacao that is roasted by a French artisanal manufacturer.

Their merging of science and art is evident by the name Beta 5, which comes from the form-5 beta crystal structure, a form of cocoa butter crystallization that forms from the controlled melting and cooling of liquid chocolate. This technique results in a distinctive shiny texture and crisp snap, which sets their products apart from competitors.

vegan chocolate bars at beta5 in vancouver

Chocolate fanatics love the Polygon series, named for mountains that can be seen from their workshop, and their delicately decorated creampuffs, which feature spirals of cream with all the fixings to match.


Who isn’t dying to try Beta 5’s chocolate masterpieces this winter in Vancouver’s most exciting new chocolate café? Stay up to date with Beta 5 and their new chocolate atelier by following them on Instagram at @beta5chcolates.




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