Canadian beauty company La Spa Naturals has launched an intensive 7-day at-home peel treatment with a revolutionary new glycolic acid formula. The Anti-Aging Glycolic Peel is an effective treatment that is as easy on the environment as it is on customers’ faces. The Toronto-based brand was founded with the mission of bringing clean and safe products for home use, with transparent ingredient sourcing and a minimal environmental impact.

Sustainably Sourced Skincare

The inspiration for the Anti-Aging Glycolic Peel came from a need for a cleaner alternative in the marketplace. President and Founder of La Spa, Susan Mey noticed that the glycolic’s from most brands were made from entirely synthetic materials or a blend of fruit acids which results in an impure final product. These acids can contain petrochemicals and other carcinogens that can result in skin irritation.

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La Spa’s glycolic is made entirely from plant sources. Their innovative production process results in higher quality and potent acid, which has a carbon footprint up to 35% lower than some competitors thanks to its lack of reliance on synthetics. The product is reef safe (with no toxic ingredients with downstream effects), Health Canada approved and does not use animal testing. Not only is this product better for the environment, but it is also more effective for combatting the effects of aging and dry skin.

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Radiance on Demand

The peel has a pH of 3.5, and a strength of 10%. It is meant to be applied before sleep for up to 7-days in a row. The effects include gentle exfoliation, accelerating skin turnover, increased moisture retention and a healthy, radiant boost to the user’s skin tone. La Spa bills the product as an excellent spa-quality treatment that is convenient to use at home or while travelling. Many consumers are only visiting spas for necessary treatments due to the pandemic, so the Anti-Aging Glycolic Peel is an excellent way to welcome a radiant boost to your skin in time for a small gathering (or for those who do not need a special occasion to give themselves a much-needed glow).

La Spa’s products can be found wherever sustainable and cruelty-free spa products are sold, including over a dozen retailers in the Vancouver metro area. Products can also be ordered directly from the La Spa Naturals.


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