As research and development continue in the anti-ageing industry, some of the world’s ultra-luxe products are starting to look like something out of a science fiction novel. German company System 4 Technologies Gmbh has announced the 2021 release of their Human Regenerator JET, an electronic device designed to counteract the effects of oxidative stress, degeneration, and ageing. The device is intended for personal use so that lucky buyers can turn back the hands of time from the comforts of their own home for a six-figure price tag.

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Super-Healing With Science

The Human Regenerator JET is designed to fight ageing and degeneration using physics, so explaining how it works requires a crash course in cell biology. According to System 4 Technologies, oxidative stress is caused by natural cell division and other factors like harmful food, inflammations, stress, infection, and illness. This stress creates free radicals, which are unpaired electrons that float around trying to latch on to cells and DNA in an attempt to take one of their electrons and make themselves whole. This damages the cells in your body, causing them to break down, which leads to visible signs of ageing.

The device neutralizes these aggressive electrons and discharges them into the earth. Using the JET is as simple as using a tanning bed. All you need to do is recline on the comfortable surface for 30 minutes with applicators placed on your arms and legs. Users should notice a boost in their immune system, enhancement of their skin structure, and a meditative feeling when they complete their session.

Innovation For Quality of Life

This product is only the latest to be developed by German life science company System4 Technology, which has plans to launch 12 products within the next 14 months that will set a new standard for the health and wellness technology industry. The company has already showcased two of these products, a personalized DNA micronutrition supplement along with a DNA Genome sequencing kit.

The Human Regenerator JET is manufactured in Northern Germany, the heartland of manufacturing and innovation. Every sale includes the services of a personal assistant and travelling engineer to ensure that the product is used effectively. This is the pinnacle of personalized service in an industry where customers expect nothing but the best.

Although these innovative devices are meant as an exclusive home healthcare fixture, do not be surprised to see them in your local luxury wellness centre in the future.


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Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
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