Terroir is the sought-after and distinguishing factor when it comes to crafting wines of complex and memorable character. Even more so, when paired with a skilled winemaker with a penchant for creating unique and fine wine. This magical synergy has come together beautifully for Susana Balbo Wines, located at the foothills of the Andes, Agrelo, Mendoza, Argentina. Recently recognized by the acclaimed Luxury Lifestyle Awards in New York as The Best Luxury Wine in Argentina 2021, is a testament to the brand’s success.

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Argentina, and more notably, Mendoza is famous for its sensational vineyards. The backdrop of the majestic Andes Mountain ranges creates a scenic explosion second to none. Drawing wine lovers from all corners of the globe to sip, savour and bask in the unrelenting beauty of it all. Agrelo, the home of Susana Balbo Wines, is located about 35-km south of the city of Mendoza. The terroir of Agrelo is regarded as the ultimate in Mendoza for the production of complex, bold wines from the Malbec varietal. In fact, it’s this varietal that’s put Mendoza on the international map – with wine connoisseurs flocking to taste and build up their global wine collection.

Susana Balbo Winery, Argentina, Luxury Lifestyle Awards, Helen Siwak, FolioYVR, EcoLuxLifestyle, Vancouver, BC, YVR, Luxury Lifestyle

The person behind the brand, Susana Balbo followed her calling into viticulture, at a time when women were not in winemaking. She progressed to become the very first woman in Argentina to receive her degree in enology – the study of wine, starting her career at Cafayate and finally reaching her grand vision: building her own winery. Trailblazing the way for women in wine, she became the first woman to work as a consultant to wineries across the world, giving her invaluable insight into international methods. Susana’s determination and masterful production has also earned her multiple awards, including Most Influential Women in Wine’ by The Drink Business Magazine, ‘Woman of the Year’ as well as “The 10 Most Influential Women in the Wine World” by the same magazine house.

Susana selected a young, vibrant, and equally passionate team to support and help achieve her vision. Her son and daughter, José and Ana, joined Susana in her project making the winery a family business. Their combined innovation and efforts have propelled this luxury wine producer to what it is today.

Crios Handprint Signature

Susana Balbo Winery, Argentina, Luxury Lifestyle Awards, Helen Siwak, FolioYVR, EcoLuxLifestyle, Vancouver, BC, YVR, Luxury Lifestyle

This brand story speaks to the power of hands. Incepted by Susana’s great maternal love, and her wish to impart a lasting legacy to her children. Each Crios handprint demonstrates not only the power of motherhood but also the cultural importance of handcrafting. There are few logos as powerful and resonant as that of Crios — an iconic symbol for motherhood, a symbol that speaks to motherhood’s powerful and profound role in our lives. Choosing a region and variety that is suited perfectly for growing and nurturing each grape, then embracing the individuality of each variety. That’s what Susana and her team do with Crios — they’ve developed a passion for their wines and have an insight into each variety that sets their products apart from others.

Balbo Makes Bold Wines

Susana Balbo Winery, Argentina, Luxury Lifestyle Awards, Helen Siwak, FolioYVR, EcoLuxLifestyle, Vancouver, BC, YVR, Luxury Lifestyle

Susana’s Signature wines exemplify her creativity as a winemaker. She brings an artistic eye to the table, making bold wines with an unparalleled finesse that you never get tired of tasting. The range of styles showcases the expertise in vineyard management and winemaking that Susana brings to her winery. Susana is a gifted winemaker with an eye for detail and a passion for making exceptional wine from dynamic grape varietals. She is committed to preserving all elements of terroir while adding unique personality through her culinary artistry, while simultaneously enhancing the natural essence of the grape.

Lining Up for Nosotros

The Nosotros line is a great example of a brand celebrating all the hard work of its team. It communicates to its customers that the work they do in the daily grind is very important and that the end result will be something they enjoy. A wine’s tasting process usually includes 20-30 barrels, so this oenological line is definitely something special. Nosotros embodies the spirit of the winery. A family is a family no matter how many members there are. And while Susana Balbo Wines may be many, they share the same desire: to make the best wine for people all over the world to enjoy.

If discovering and treasuring wine is a love affair for you, make sure you experience the incredible wine region of Mendoza, and of course, relish the luxury wine from Susana Balbo Wines.

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Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
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