A facial is one of the most soothing, relaxing, and best ways to take care of your skin and have a little me-time in the day. Traditionally, a multi-step skin treatment, its sole purpose is to cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the skin. The results are a clear, well-hydrated complexion that is smoother, glowy and feels amazing to the touch.

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Harnessing the Power of a Jet Engine

I read online that the JetPeel was developed by a jet engineer, so I was a little apprehensive as I settled in the treatment room. Although it is extremely powerful and a little ‘sharp’ at the beginning, it is not uncomfortable. My technician at One Clinic MD had such a light touch and soothing voice that soon I was lulled into a little nap!

The treatment is like a ‘needle-less microneedling’ because the device opens up the skin without even touching it. This facial will definitely exfoliate your skin and give it a smooth and refreshed feeling. Exfoliating is key to bright skin as it helps reduce clogged pores and blackheads, the appearance of scars, and may even out your skin tone.

jetpeel facial, beauty procedure, vancouver, bc, yvr, one clinic md, false creek, spinning chandelier, helen siwak, ecoluxluv
Eyes protected and ready to begin |  Model Image by JetPeel

Choose Your Solution

There are six solution options to choose from with the JetPeel system, and each session includes a booster:

RENEWAL: High impact yet gentle serums formulated for skin renewal at various levels of exfoliation. The line includes Jet Detox Water for a soothing and purifying detox experience, renewal complexes ranging from 5% to 16% glycolic acid, and a complex containing mandelic
and salicylic acid ideal for people with sensitive skin. Suitable for the face, neck, decollete, arms, hands and thighs, rediscover the natural glow of fresh, rejuvenated skin.

ANTI-AGEING: The anti-ageing line includes six Jet Solutions. Complex 1 contains hyaluronic acid and peptides for a general baseline treatment to combat the signs of ageing. Complex 2 is enriched in vegetal stem cells and peptides to stimulate cellular regeneration, while Complex 3 focuses on toning and tightening via deep hydration and peptides that compensate for collagen loss. Complex 4 contains CBD, an antioxidant increasing collagen production and Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, a natural emollient.

BRIGHTENING: Jet Solution Brightening Complex 1 contains powerful ingredients that act as pigment inhibitors, instantly creating a brighter, more uniform tone. Enriched with Stay-C Vitamin, an oxidation-resistant variant of vitamin C, and the exclusive Bio-Light compound, rich in natural brightening and redness-reducing ingredients, the formula is gentle and powerful for effective use on the face, chin, neck, decollete, and hands.

ATX-NAT (Botox Alternative): Discover a natural, safe and painless anti-ageing treatment that offers a superior alternative to Botulinum Toxin A. ATX-NAT Jet Solution takes a different approach, relaxing the muscles for a firmer appearance and improvement of fine lines and wrinkles. The clinically-proven formula is based on Argireline, a peptide composed of 6 amino acids, and Betaine, which balances the skin’s water retention activity for a hydrated, nourished result. Ideal for effectively and safely treating the wrinkle-prone areas around the eyes and lips, ATX-NAT is the key to exceptionally brighter, softer, and smoother skin.

ACNE: Effective treatment and prevention of acne are comfortable and painless with Acne Jet Solution, enriched with a combination of ingredients targeting sebo-regulation, eradicating bacteria and rebalancing the skin’s physiology for a clear, acne-free glow. The main active ingredients include Acnacidol for sebo-regulation and antibacterial action that combats contaminations, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-8 to reduce redness and swelling, and Phytic acid for sebum control, lightening, and moisturizing effects. Ideal for sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin areas, including the face, chin, neck, decollete, and all body areas as needed.

COUPEROSE (Rosacea Treatment): Specially formulated for the treatment of rosacea and very sensitive skin, Couperose & Sensitive Skin Serum is rich in anti-inflammatory and sun defence ingredients that soothe and protect, preventing irritation and redness. The formula is infused with purifying antioxidant aloe barbadensis extract, Niacinamide for the reduction of fine lines and pigmentation, antibacterial Azelaic acid that evens and tones the skin, and calming, regenerating Troxerutin.

BOOSTER: Boost JetPeel treatments even further with targeted infusions designed for various indications, including rejuvenation, hydration, toning, brightness, collagen production, acne-prone and oily skin. The Jet Boosters collection includes four formulations: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin A+E. Integrated into the JetPeel treatment, Jet Boosters deliver a complementary nourishing lift in the deep skin layers, amplifying the JetPeel effects to create immediate, enhanced results.

The JetPeel Process

jetpeel facial, beauty procedure, vancouver, bc, yvr, one clinic md, false creek, spinning chandelier, helen siwak, ecoluxluv

The JetPeel treatment is four steps: Lympathic Drainage, Hydra Dermabrasion, Hydroporation, and Booster Infusion. The product line that One Clinic MD uses for the process is the SkinBetter Interfuse Intensive Treatment LINES. All SkinBetter science products are dermatologist tested, and free from- parabens, fragrance, dye, and cruelty.

Results of the Jet Peel

Due to my skin being sensitive to fragrance and touch, I fully expected to be red and puffy after the JetPeel, but to my relief, there was only some slight redness that dissipated within 30-minutes.

Where to Access JetPeel?

My session was at One Clinic MD in False Creek, just steps away from the incredible Spinning Chandelier beneath the Granville Bridge. I love trying new facials (especially anti-ageing ones) and Jet Peel is one of the latest breakthroughs in aesthetic and skin care procedures designed with no pain or downtime – which is a big draw for professionals. So many anti-ageing treatments result in red irritated skin and make it impossible to go about your day – no one wants to be a Samantha!

jetpeel facial, beauty procedure, vancouver, bc, yvr, one clinic md, false creek, spinning chandelier, helen siwak, ecoluxluvjetpeel facial, beauty procedure, vancouver, bc, yvr, one clinic md, false creek, spinning chandelier, helen siwak, ecoluxluv

Why the One Clinic MD?

The clinic was founded by Dr. Arash Jalali MD ABFM CCFP.  It is comforting to know that an actively practicing physician who is double board-certified in both Canada and the US, is at the heart of the clinic. The location at 1500 Hornby Street is in a quiet area of False Creek with ample street parking.

Depending on your skin type and sensitivity, the JetPeel facial is recommended every 2-4 weeks. 

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