Florence Brunet-Doré, the innovative and creative entrepreneur behind the Quebec brand DEUX Cosmetics, is on a mission to make natural cosmetics more accessible. To make it even easier for you to find the right sustainably sourced products, DEUX Cosmetics is launching new Discovery Boxes organized by type – Gift Box, Practical Box, and Skin Type.

Testing a variety of products from a line is so essential before purchasing – especially when shopping online. The new boxes make choosing what is right for you and your specific skin needs so much easier.

What Did EcoLuxLifestyle Try?

Out of the products provided, we chose to test the DEUX Ultra Vit-A Cream with Carrot & Avocado (7-days), and the Oat & Coconut Face Mask (2-times).

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The Ultra Vit-A cream (60ml) has the luscious feel of a heavier night cream, but quickly absorbed into the skin and did not leave skin slick. It is wonderfully light enough to wear during the day, and I now apply it first thing in the morning. Formulated with aloe gel, carrot hydrosol, avocado oil and shea butter, each of these ingredients is known for its benefits to the skin when exposed to the sun.

deux cosmetics, crueltyfree, vegan, canadian made, quebec, helen siwak, ecoluxlifestyle, vancouver, bc

The Oat & Coconut Milk Mask (60g) contains only three ingredients: white clay, dry coconut milk, and oat powder. Very gentle, it soothes the skin so nicely. Coconut milk powder is well-known for its nourishing and emollient properties and contains natural enzymes. Besides being delicious, oats calm the most sensitive skin and leave it feeling silky. The use of white clay – a very fine powder – results in a light, smooth mask. Easy to apply, wash off, and leaves no heavy scent.

What Is It You Desire from a Box?

Whether you are looking for natural and local argan-based products, lavender-scented products, or products catered to a specific skin type, you are sure to find what you are looking for in the new DEUX Cosmetics Discovery Boxes. Those who find a combination that works for them will be pleased to know that there is a subscription option where they will receive their choices two to four times a year, making it even easier to enjoy!

deux cosmetics, crueltyfree, vegan, canadian made, quebec, helen siwak, ecoluxlifestyle, vancouver, bc
DEUX Cosmetics has handcrafted soaps – available by the bar or subscription!

Committed to Ethical Products and Practices

DEUX Cosmetics is committed to providing local, sustainable and ethically-sourced products without having to pay outrageous prices. Instead, founder Florence is committed to balancing numbers and respecting a strict financial budget to ensure customers are offered reasonable product prices while providing a fair wage to everyone involved in the production chain.

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