On average, a fast-fashion item will be worn 8-10 times before it’s thrown or given away. Additionally, one-third of the plastic in rivers and oceans comes in the form of clothing. ecologyst, the Victoria-based brand, fights for sustainability through ethical production and a focus on longevity.
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Gorgeous knits that incorporate the colours of fall on the west coast | Image: @ecoluxluv.yvr

Crafted for Every Season

As a team, the brand is focused on encouraging everyone around them to own less—to invest in thoughtful pieces that stand the test of time. They take pride in crafting apparel that can be loved for decades, instead of trends that are thrown out with the changing seasons. Twenty years ago, the company, then named Sitka, was making and selling surfboards. With values deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest mentality, the company has been a vocal environmental advocate and fought against pipelines and old-growth clear-cutting.

ecologyst, before they fall, sustainable fashion, ecofriendly, fashion, Whistler Film Festival, anorak jacket, helen siwak,

The latest styles to come out of their Victoria, BC factory include the adventure-worthy Anorak Jacket in a new cinnamon colour and the Peak Hoodie in an autumn leaf red. Like all of their apparel, both pieces have a Lifetime Guarantee making it easier for people to buy fewer and buy better while navigating the shift in seasons.

“We are unashamedly For Nature, so whether you use our apparel for the exploration of Nature, or to contribute to Nature’s well-being, experiencing the power of Nature increases our consciousness to care for it.”

Where Planet and Profit Co-Exist

All of the brand’s apparel is made in Canada and the US, supporting local jobs, and building the highest quality product. They do not use synthetic materials like polyester, acrylic, or nylon that are made from petroleum products and result in the creation of microplastics. Instead, all-natural, biodegradable materials are used to respect the environment and maximize durability. With their direct-to-consumer business model the company is closer to their community and strives to understand what they actually need. By cutting out the middle person, the brand is able to make higher-quality products that are built to last and are worth the investment.

“While the things we make, how we make them, and even our name have changed over the years—what remains are the people who stand beside us on mountain tops, float beside us beyond the break, or zip open their tent next to us to share a mug of coffee. And to you, we commit to protecting what unites us—a deep connection to nature.”

Giving Back (on More than Just Tuesday’s)

ecologyst, before they fall, sustainable fashion, ecofriendly, fashion, Whistler Film Festival, anorak jacket, helen siwak,
Recently, ecologyst hosted an event for the Ma’amtagila people to support their legal fees associated with putting a stop to the illegal treaty negotiations and re-establishing formal recognition of Ma’amtagila jurisdiction and leadership by the Governments of Canada and British Columbia. This event featured speakers from the film and live music by Luke Wallace.
Rande Cook in Maamtagila Territory | Image: Momme Halbe
Rande Cook, Multi-Media Artist in Maamtagila Territory | Image: Momme Halbe
TJ Watt in Pacheedaht Territory | Image: Momme Halbe / Before They Fall
TJ Watt, Conversation Photographer in Pacheedaht Territory | Image: Momme Halbe / Before They Fall

This weekend ecologyst
 will be holding their world premiere of Before They Fall at  Whistler Film Festival. The film, directed by Cam William MacArthur, covers a decades-long battle by conservation groups, First Nations, and scientists to protect the remaining old-growth forests in British Columbia. Cam and his team capture the recent escalation of the situation, giving audiences a taste of the tense situation between land defenders, enforcement agencies, and logging companies. Produced by Whistler-based Ecologyst Films.

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