In Vancouver, where there seems to be a medi-spa, aesthetics clinic, beauty salon, or medical office on every corner offering to rejuvenate every part of your body – deciding on where to visit may become overwhelming!

At, we believe that beauty has to do with far more than the state of your skin. Confidence and energy make one beautiful, and how we achieve that is entirely personal. Let’s also agree that a bit of pampering goes a long way to lift mood and outlook.

Let’s Talk Facials!

Facials are a serene beauty treatment that helps with breakouts, lifts and sculpts, plumps and smooths, and tones your skin in a relatively short time. That being said, there is a ton of variety when it comes to technique, products, and skill level, so we have compiled our five top places to enjoy facials that use vegan and cruelty-free products.


Bioéthique Spa / Bioéthique Signature Facial – $275

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This 2-hour luxurious treatment is exclusive to Bioéthique, featuring their in-house developed facial techniques that work alongside microdermabrasion and LED treatment. The facial removes rough, dead skin and strengthens collagen and elastin to leave your skin feeling firm and smooth. This treatment will bring back life and radiance to the skin.

Established in 2007, by owner Claudine Michaud, Bioéthique prides itself in using raw and whole botanical ingredients that are effective by nature. Having spent over 20-years pursuing healthy living and researching the importance of avoiding harmful toxins, Claudine truly believes that ‘beautiful skin and hair should not come at the price of good health.’ Every product is made with the highest quality first cold press oils and plant extracts, that are used in the highest concentrations possible for the health of your skin. The glow and wealth of your skin are vitally dependent on antioxidants and nutrients that also work to repair skin damage. These products are also cruelty-free, vegan, and produced using renewable green energy. Bioéthique cares about facials!

Location: Bioéthique Spa at 3578 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Appointments are welcome by calling 604-558-2008, or through email bookings at [email protected]


Willow’s Wax Bar / Clarifying Facial – $110

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Enjoy 60-minutes of relaxation and skin renewal with Willow’s Wax Bar‘s maintenance facial. The concentrated treatment targets inflammation on the skin and gets rid of built-in impurities. From a deep clean to exfoliation and extraction, to masks and high-frequency aid, this is the perfect facial for acne-prone skin. Lean back and enjoy the stress-free experience with the included massage that in turn stimulates renewal.

Owner and founder, Rhiannon Whitney, is a proud vegan and certified aesthetician with a well-travelled and diverse background. She pursued her passion for natural beauty and wellness upon moving to Vancouver Island in 2003 and opening her first spa: Natural Synergy Day Spa. As a vegan since 2003, ensuring the highest quality of products and promoting healthy living to her clients has been of the utmost priority. Willow’s Wax Bar opened in 2017 and has been proudly serving people all over Vancouver with all things vegan beauty and wellness. Rhiannon has over 14-years of experience in this industry, with multiple achievements to display. Willow’s is now the first spa in BC to carry Rhea Cosmetics – a new certified vegan brand of cosmeceutical skincare!

Location: Willow’s Wax Bar at 1126 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Appointments are welcome by calling 604-564-1929, or through online bookings here.

Formula Fig (Fig Facial) / All-In – $165 drop-in

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The Fig Formula super facial does it all. Following a deep cleanse, the microdermabrasion exfoliation gets rid of dead skin and allows for serums to seep in. Microcurrents are then used to sculpt and lift the face, and ultrasound stimulates collagen production. The final step is to promote healing through LED light therapy. Leave your skin feeling renewed and ultra-smooth with this all-in facial!

Formula Fig founder, JJ Walsh, moved to Vancouver from the UK in 2014. She was quickly immersed in Vancouver’s health-focused culture and wondered how she could create a community around wellness. Being discontent with her own skin, Walsh built a small business around self-care that was evident in theory and in practice. The location is beautifully designed, incorporating some of the beautiful architectural elements JJ missed from back home. Natural beauty brands became a core focus for Fig, along with offering Fig Shots loaded with nutrients that promote health within as well as without.

Location: Formula Fig Kitsilano at 2050 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Appointments are welcome by calling (604) 423-3881, or through online bookings here.

Skoah Park Royal / Facialiscious Facial – $135

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The Skoah classic is a 75-minute facial rooted in pure relaxation and enjoyment. The first step is a deep cleansing, followed by toning and a custom treatment mask. The next step is exfoliation and extraction, which removes dirt and gets rid of dead skin. While your skin is getting taken care of, you also enjoy their trademark soothing massage from head to toe.

Skoah’s first location began in the heart of  Yaletown in 2001. It was a full-service spa that brought a fresh atmosphere and vibe with minimalist design details and gender-neutral decor. The authenticity and realness of the spa made it all the more approachable and accessible. Their original tagline was no whale music, no bubbling cherubs, no pretentious attitude. In 2003, the ‘facials only’ shop was born, alongside their skincare products which combine the best from science and nature. Skoah prides itself in its’ simply powerful skincare products and unique customer experience that is like personal training for great skin.

Location: Skoah Park Royal at J4 – 925 Main Street, West Vancouver
Appointments are welcome by calling 604-281-4242, or through online bookings here.


One Clinic MD / JetPeel – $249

facials, willows, skoah, one clinic md, fig face, biothetique, helen siwak, gio lazzarini

One Clinic MD is a pristine and modern spa oasis situated just a short walk from the incredible public art installation Spinning Chandelier by Vancouver Artist Rodney GrahamThe Jetpeel facial treatment uses jet pressure energy technology as a solution for various common and problematic skin concerns. This breakthrough technology uses jet-streams with subsonic speed. The 45-minute procedure consists of the jet-stream lymphatic massage and exfoliation, and gentle stretching of the skin for serums to seep through. The treatment opens up microchannels in the skin that allow for penetration in the deeper layers, so hydration can truly set in. This is everything your skin has been craving, and more!

The treatment is like a ‘needle-less microneedling’ because the device opens up the skin without even touching it. This facial will definitely exfoliate your skin and give it a smooth and refreshed feeling. Exfoliating is key to bright skin as it helps reduce clogged pores and blackheads, the appearance of scars, and may even out your skin tone. Each Jetpeel also comes with six solution options and a booster. Your technician will work with you to ensure you receive the results you seek.

Location: One Clinic MD at Unit 1, 1500 Hornby Street, Vancouver
Appointments are welcome by calling 604-773-1191, or through online bookings here.

Have a favourite spa that offers vegan & cruelty-free facials? Let us know! Drop us a line at [email protected]

Feature image courtesy of Skoah Instagram.

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Giovanna Lazzarini, Contributor
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