Are you out and about trying to put your ‘best face forward?’ After two years of keeping ourselves under wraps, it is definitely time to think about skincare again, especially with allergy season arriving early! We know sometimes it feels that it is hard to keep up, especially when every season brings with it new challenges.

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Collective Skin Care reminds us to watch for reactions to seasonal allergies – inflammation over the cheek area, puffiness around eyes, and dermatitis flare-ups / Image: @collectiveskincare

3 Skincare Options for You

If you are checking into what are the best choices for you for a facial refresh, consider these three Vancouver-based skincare businesses. Each offers signature treatments from the ancient to the modern (think acupuncture to lasers) and an initial complimentary consult that will give you the answers to your most pressing skincare questions.

The Vanity Lab / Morpheus8

skincare, the vanity lab, skoah, collective skin, giovanna lazzarini, helen siwak, ecoluxlifestyle, skin care, facials, acupuncture

This non-surgical laser treatment uses some of the most advanced technology for the skin. It combines radio-frequency energy with micro-needling and fractional laser. This innovative combination works to stimulate collagen production which in turn tightens the skin and smoothes wrinkles. The result is a transformation that resembles a more youthful and glowing you. This treatment is also optimal to diminish the appearance of acne scarring and for those in need of sculpting in the mid to lower face. Two to three sessions within 4-8 week intervals are recommended to receive the best results.

Entrepreneurs Jessica and Natasha founded The Vanity Lab in Yaletown in 2013. Their idea was to create a new hub for beauty and self-care that combined the luxury feel of specialty doctors’ offices with the personal connection of a neighbourhood spa. Taking both a fun and light-hearted spirit, the two set out to offer the best cutting-edge treatments with undeniable results. The Lab offers a variety of anti-aging and rejuvenation treatments like injectables, lasers, skin resurfacing, and hair removal. Before booking in for an appointment, enjoy a complimentary assessment with a customized treatment plan that caters to your specific skin needs.

Location: The Vanity Lab at 302,1110 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

Collective Skin Care / Cosmetic Acupuncture

skincare, the vanity lab, skoah, collective skin, giovanna lazzarini, helen siwak, ecoluxlifestyle, skin care, facials, acupuncture

This 60-minute treatment is recommended for clients with acne and scarring as well as those with visible signs of stress on their skin. It activates cellular regeneration and muscle tissue circulation which improves the skin’s health and texture. As the facial muscles relax during the treatment, wrinkles and lines soften. Through relaxing the muscles, expression lines such as frown lines and crow’s feet are immediately softened; a series of weekly treatments re-educate the muscles to remain in a relaxed state making it a great alternative or complement to neurotoxin treatments. It also has the benefit of providing stress relief/relaxation.

Collective Skin Care in Yaletown is a modern spa specializing in treatments such as facials and cosmetic acupuncture. As a specialized boutique clinic, they prioritize expert care to meet the specific needs of every guest. Every therapist and skin expert is determined to help you achieve your best skin through sharing products and practices that give the best results. Collective Skin Care believes that truly radiant and healthy skin is rooted in self-care.

Location: Collective Skin Care at 1268 Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver

Skoah / Glycolic Peel

skincare, the vanity lab, skoah, collective skin, giovanna lazzarini, helen siwak, ecoluxlifestyle, skin care, facials, acupuncture

This facial ‘workout’ is a 45-minute intensive exfoliation treatment using glycolic acid. Your skincare trainer will choose a  20% or 30% acid to cater to your skin’s needs. The treatment starts with a deep cleanse and customized face mask, with the acid treatment and peel following. This is a great treatment for those wanting a fresh start with their skin, and to renew completion and texture.

Skoah’s first location began here, in the heart of  Yaletown in 2001. It started as a full-service spa that brought a fresh atmosphere and vibe with minimalist design details and gender-neutral decor. In 2003, the ‘facials only’ shop was born, alongside their skincare products which combine the best from science and nature. Skoah prides itself in its’ simply powerful skincare products and unique customer experience that is like personal training for great skin.

Location: Skoah Yaletown at 1007 Hamilton Street, Vancouver


Featured Image: The Collective Skin

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