In Vancouver, finding outerwear that is multi-seasonal, warm, water-resistant, and cruelty-free can be a challenge. We know how cold and wet the city can be and love that Canadian designers and brands are stepping up, not only for us but for the animals and the environment. With our weather changing, sometimes daily, having lightweight, durable, weather-resistant, and high-quality outerwear just makes sense!

Here are a round-up of four easy-to-access (both in real-life and online) Canadian brands that are making a range of outerwear – coats, jackets, vests, trenches, pullovers, and more!

Wuxly Movement Outerwear

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Wuxly is a Toronto brand making outerwear and accessories for men and women made to keep you warm without bringing harm to any animals. Made from Sorona and PrimaLoft, which are lightweight down alternatives made from recycled plastic bottles, their outerwear is vegan and sustainably made. Wuxly also has a trade-in program that allows you to donate your down-filled or fur-trimmed outwear in exchange for a store credit. The coats are donated to homeless shelters across Canada and the fur trims are collected and redistributed to animal rehabilitation centers where the fur will be used to comfort orphaned or injured animals.


olivia stiller, wuxly, norden, noize, anian, baro, crueltyfree, vegan, vancouver, canada, lifestyle, new coat

Norden is a B-Corp, PETA-approved company that uses 100% recycled materials from certified sources. The Montreal-based brand is making outerwear and accessories with a timeless style that you can wear for years to come. When shopping, you can trade in an old winter parka from any other brand for a store discount. The donated parkas are repaired and cleaned and donated to Welcome Hall Mission in Montreal. If after 3 or more years, you are ready to update your jacket, Norden will donate it or recycle it through TerraCycle in exchange for a store discount.

Noize Original

olivia stiller, wuxly, norden, noize, anian, baro, crueltyfree, vegan, vancouver, canada, lifestyle, new coat

Noize Original is a vegan, Canadian apparel brand using innovative technology to create sustainable and cruelty-free garments. With high-quality materials like organic cotton that are free of pesticides or synthetic additives and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, and PETA-approved vegan fur and leather, you can be assured your pieces are from an ethical source. Noize Original specialized in water and wind-resistant coats and parkas that use RePET and REPREVE to make insulation fill entirely from recycled plastic bottles and a regenerated nylon ECONYL which is created from fishing nets and fabric scraps.

Baro Drywear

olivia stiller, wuxly, norden, noize, anian, baro, crueltyfree, vegan, vancouver, canada, lifestyle, new coat

Baro Drywear is a Vancouver-based brand making waterproof jackets for cold and rainy weather. The waterproof jackets combine style and function with a breathable, laminated membrane to keep you dry while ensuring you do not overheat. The jackets are made from recycled polyester and nylon as well as PrimaLoft and polyester. Baro Drywear pieces are designed to be multifunctional and to encourage less shopping and living with fewer garments.


We encourage shopping and supporting Canadian-based brands that are incorporating vegan materials when buying something new, especially when recycled or sustainable materials are used in their place. For more variety and affordability, check out second-hand, consignment, and thrift stores in the Lower Mainland.

If you find that you no longer need or want your current outerwear, winter coats, or parkas, we encourage you to have them cleaned and then donate to those in need through charities like Covenant House, Wildlife Thrift or your local thrift store.


Feature image by Wuxly Movement Outerwear.

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