LXR, Canada’s premier socially-responsible omnichannel retailer of pre-loved vintage luxury handbags and accessories, is proud to announce the launch of their Rental Program. The largest rental program of pre-loved luxury handbags offered in Canada, fashion aficionados can now rent authenticated vintage pieces from three to twelve months at a time.

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Customers can choose from over 90 coveted styles, and rent a bag, all for the price of a coffee a day. LXR, which has always been focused on promoting sustainability within the industry, encourages all to browse and rent the latest trends with no financial pressure and a consumer-conscious mind, in order to satisfy all of their luxury handbags’ cravings.

lxr, lxr & co, vintage, luxury handbags, rental program, folioyvr, helen siwak, vancouver, bc, yvr

As Aurore Colliaux, Website Business Lead of LXR states, “Our mission is to make pre-loved luxury handbags accessible to a broader variety of consumers while lowering our environmental impact. By doing so, we are able to open up the luxury market to a new set of consumers by providing greater price-point accessibility, without their having to compromise on quality. This fits in perfectly with our aim of democratizing pre-loved luxury handbags and having a larger positive impact on responsible consumption.”

The Most Beautiful Bags in the World – At Your Fingertips

With a variety of alluring handbags in select styles, materials, and colours, customers can rent the most sought-after pieces from top fashion houses, giving each bag a renewed lifetime and time again.

lxr, lxr & co, vintage, luxury handbags, rental program, folioyvr, helen siwak, vancouver, bc, yvr
CW: Celine Nano Luggage, Louis Vuitton Volta, Gucci Butterfly, and Dior Trotter | Images: LXR

This includes iconic brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Celine, and Hermès, to name but a few. Instead of buying the latest models every season to follow trends, why not rent these bags for a limited period of time, and swap them when desired, avoiding last season’s bags from hibernating and collecting dust in a closet. Furthermore, should the customer desire, they are able to purchase their bag at any time during the rental period.

“Our rental program was built so that our customers can experience pre-loved luxury on a longer-term basis if they wish to do so and to have it as a key element of their wardrobe rather than renting it for only one event. It allows our valued customers to switch designer pieces every season for a price as low as a coffee a day. Effectively for six dollars a day, they can rent a different bag for every season of the year.”, explains Colliaux.

lxr, lxr & co, vintage, luxury handbags, rental program, folioyvr, helen siwak, vancouver, bc, yvr

What is the LXR Philosophy?

LXR believes in giving luxury goods a second life. They have been living and building on this philosophy since their founding in 2010, where they have been providing consumers across North America with authenticated, quality, branded luxury products at affordable prices. This is done with passion, trying not to be all things to all people, but remaining focused on what they know best. Its mission is to extend the lives of luxury handbags and accessories by providing aspirational consumers with an affordable, curated and authenticated collection.

LXR’s vision is to execute with the highest quality and to be recognized as a preeminent digital destination for luxury resale, and now, rental. Unlike most market participants in North America, which offer a “head-to-toe” product offering, LXR offers their consumers a highly-curated and focused assortment centred around pre-owned, luxury branded handbags, and other complementary accessories, including small leather goods, jewelry and silk scarfs.

Curious Where You Can Shop LXR IRL?

There are 10 locations across Canada conveniently located in Hudson’s Bay department stores. Follow the link here for locations.

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Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
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