Canadian skincare brand Nuez Acres is bringing to the beauty aisle a formula that contains an ingredient that is not commonly associated with skincare – pecans! Sourcing this nut from a family farm in Mexico and processing it in the lush Fraser Valley, co-founders Nancy and Anthony Wingham are positioning pecans to be more than delicious.

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Nuez Acres, an Indigenous-owned and woman-led beauty brand from Langley, BC is using 100% natural pecan oil in their range of skincare products. The founders started the company with the aim to make high-quality self-care and health products that would bring people value and have already won two CertClean Beauty Awards (mascara and beard care).

Giovanna Lazzarini, ecoluxlifestyle, helen siwak, nuez acres, pecan oil, Vancouver, vancity, yvr, bc, lifestyle
Behind the Scenes: Pecan Oil | @nuezacres

Knowing the incredible benefits of pecans, and with the support of Nancy’s family farm, the duo turned their venture into a family business. They now make a range of pecan oil products that are traditionally and organically harvested from seed to skin.

Collaboration Between Canada & Mexico

As the first brand of its kind in Canada, the duo is setting the standard for high-quality and sustainably sourced pecan oil products. The organic pecans and fine ingredients used in their formulations come from the Nuez Acres family-owned farm in the northern town of Parral, Mexico and are processed locally in Langley. The area has a history of pecan farming for centuries. The locals know and understand sustainable harvesting and water conservation’s importance.

Giovanna Lazzarini, ecoluxlifestyle, helen siwak, nuez acres, pecan oil, Vancouver, vancity, yvr, bc, lifestyle

For More Than Delicious Pies!

Pecans are nutrient-rich and renowned for being a part of delicious pies, desserts, toppings, and even salad dressings. It is composed of only 9.5% saturated oil, which is lower than any other fat used for cooking. This means that the remaining is all good fat which helps lower high cholesterol levels. It has been used since the 1500s in its places of origin, namely, South America, Central America and some of North America. Indigenous tribes have used pecan oil in natural remedies to help cure and prevent illnesses and later began to use the oil as a restorative ingredient for the skin.

Giovanna Lazzarini, ecoluxlifestyle, helen siwak, nuez acres, pecan oil, Vancouver, vancity, yvr, bc, lifestyle


Pure Pecan Oil: This luxurious oil made from organic pecans is a versatile beauty product quickly becoming a cult favourite. It is made using a zero-waste production method called expeller-pressing. This protects the nutritional integrity of the oil, preserving its health benefits to the fullest. Use this oil in your morning coffee, for skin or hair hydration.

Pecan Lash & Brow Serum: Naturally achieve thicker, fuller brows and longer lashes with this lash & brow serum. Made with argan oil and vitamin E, this product helps to condition, strengthen, and generate new growth—swipe on lashes and brows before bed or throughout the day on clean skin and lashes.

Pecan Hair Renew Serum: Using the right oils can be an effective way to soften and straighten your hair naturally. This hair serum is a powerful combination of four all-natural ingredients (pecan oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and ylang-ylang oil) that heal the scalp and help protect against breakage. Add a few drops of oil to damp hair after washing or dry hair for added shine and moisture. For added hydration, massage the oil into your scalp before your hair washing routine, and leave overnight or soften hair for a few minutes.

Pecan Skin Firming Serum: Transform your complexion and firm your skin with this hydrating serum. This blend of pecan oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and frankincense works to nourish and balance the skin by diminishing the appearance of fine lines and an uneven skin tone. The formula also helps to combat undereye puffiness and wrinkles, in addition to aiding against seasonal dryness.

Pecan Skin Repair Serum: This luxurious serum is the brand’s best seller. It pampers the skin with a formula comprised of pecan oil, rosehip oil, bergamot oil, and patchouli oil, which aid in brightening, soothing, and anti-inflammatory properties. Use this as a natural moisturizer with 24-hour hydration that works without clogging your pores.

Pecan Beard Oil: This beard oil is the perfect way to upgrade a self-care routine for those with facial hair. The vegan pecan oil-based serum also contains jojoba oil, argan oil, and tuberose oil, which aid in conditioning, protecting, and guarding the skin against bacteria and promoting new growth for a thicker, fuller beard. Finally, ditch the chemicals and nourish your skin with this all-natural beard oil.


Check out their lineup of Cert-Clean, 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and chemical-free oils made here in Canada at Farmers Markets and events throughout the Lower Mainland or on the Nuez Acres website.

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