Sustainable proudly Canadian outerwear brand Wuxly is collaborating with vegan Canadian music icon Bryan Adams.

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Loved for its animal-free, fashion-forward outerwear, Wuxly’s latest limited edition collection garners even more adoration among music enthusiasts. This month, the sustainable brand announced the launch of its collaboration with unabashedly vegan Canadian rocker, Bryan Adams.

“I’m so proud to have collaborated on this kick ass collection with WUXLY – a brand I have personally admired for years and whose core values, I share – and I can’t wait to see how people make it their own and rock these pieces” says Adams.

bryan adams, wuxly, james yurichuk, vegan outerwear, canadian icon, toronto, vancouver, folioyvr, vancity, yvr, helen siwak

To the team at Wuxly, Bryan was an obvious choice for their first collaboration as he has been a committed vegan for over three decades. The brand’s animal-free and eco-friendly ethos align with the musician’s dedication to protecting the ever-so-vulnerable planet.

“Meeting Bryan for the first time was awesome. He was down-to-earth and cool as a fan,” shares James Yurichuk, former football player and CEO of Wuxly Movement. “I could see why he is so accomplished. He would always be ready to work on the collection, whether on the road, if it was late at night, or on the weekend. I could see the pride that goes into his work when he puts his name on it—there is a lot of passion in this project.” Bryan’s close relationship with the outerwear brand started back in 2019. And now, four years later, the partnership is redefining warmth by creating the first tech-led, animal-free Canadian parka—tried and tested to help Canadians brave the country’s cold winter elements.

The BAD Collection is an homage to an all-time rock legend that spans generations. My sons in elementary school listening to Bryan just as I did when I was their age and still do,” says Yurichuk. “The Kick Ass silhouette is something we wanted to capture in this collection. Bryan rocks the house when he is on stage, and we wanted our customers to be able to express their inner rocker. So the logo accomplishes that.”

Bryan, one of the best-selling artists of all time, directed and stars in the campaign that was shot in his studio in London. He created his interpretation of the collection with his team using a black slate.

“The end result was wicked,” reveals Yurichuk.

bryan adams, wuxly, james yurichuk, vegan outerwear, canadian icon, toronto, vancouver, folioyvr, vancity, yvr, helen siwak

As the only vegan and sustainably made outerwear brand in Canada, Wuxly’s popularity continues to grow organically. There is yet to be another Canadian outerwear label that shares the same commitment to local production and animal-free fabrics. By producing the outerwear collections locally, Wuxly helps strengthen the Canadian company while reducing transportation-related carbon emissions.

“We are incredibly focused on product quality and brand integrity—being the best we can be is at the forefront of everything we do,” he says. “Radically sustainable by design continues to be a north star for Wuxly, and we will never stray from that.”

The Wuxly x Bryan Adams BAD Collection consists of three outerwear pieces: the BAD Hoodie, BAD Elk Parka, and the Kingston.


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Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
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