Welcome to Folio.YVR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine‘s first Holiday Edition – a delightful collaboration with Retail-Insider, Canada’s most read retail industry news source. Not intended as a definitive shopping guide but more of a sneak peek into the ‘ecoluxury’ products in Vancouver.

Curious about this term – ecoluxury? It is relatively new and describes objects and experiences that are both high-quality, expensive and created with a sensitivity for the environment, the well-being of those involved in the production process, and sustainability.

An ecoluxury object could be a couture gown created by a high-end design house of earth-friendly fabrics or repurposed materials. Such fabrics might be natural fibres grown and harvested without pesticides, using sustainable practices and without human/animal exploitation.

An ecoluxury getaway may take travellers to a five-star resort that has been built and organized so that facilities, amenities, and guests make the smallest possible carbon footprint. This may mean that the resort runs on solar power, uses water efficiently, offers cruelty-free beauty items, and promotes non-exploitive off-site adventures.You get the idea. Do as little harm as possible while using the resources to keep the environmental cost as low as possible. Taking a beat and stepping backwards to when we valued a ‘slow process’ of creation.

In this Holiday Edition issue, we share the incredible Rolls-Royce Spectre, the marques first electric motor car, and a promise from Torsten Müller-Ötvös that all RRs will be electric by 2030!

Entrepreneur and luxury furniture purveyor Shama Gupta launched a gorgeous new showroom for Aeon by Habitat on West Pender and Howe Streets.

I invite you to visit and explore the new-to-the-city brands like Giorgetti, Lasvit, and Moroso and swoon over the interior design by McKinley Studios.

Looking for some ice? When agency owner and fashionista Audrey Hyams Romoff of Overcat PR extended the invitation to the Maison Birks Snowflake Collection launch, I could not say ‘Yes’ fast enough! The frosty symbol of our Canadian winters crafted in white gold and diamonds? Please!

Also in our Accessories offerings is the collaboration between Maison Birks and Canadian glam designers Greta Constantine and the relaunch of Chopard in the Luxury Zone. Their new location and range of exquisitely crafted pieces are worth a visit.

These stories and more are wrapped up with a big bow in this issue with a beautiful cover by Ann Goldberg. A little more about her and the Canadian Perennials exhibition on pages 26-27.

During this holiday season, please take a moment to consider those organizations who are making change in our city, our communities, and in our hearts with their hard work – more than likely volunteered – and consider donating to those who need it most.

I invite you to look beyond the galas, flashy ballroom events, smiling celebrity faces, flowing Champagne, and tax receipts. Let us also support those who tirelessly struggle to protect the most vulnerable around us, feed the hungry, and shelter the marginalized 365 days a year.

Compassion is super sexy and if you are unsure where to begin, visit CanadaHelps.org and search. All listed are legitimate, vetted, and provide tax receipts. You will be shocked at how many there, but the amount of change you can make with a donation is incredible, and they also accept cryptocurrency!

All my best,

Helen Siwak, Publisher & EIC

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Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
Helen Siwak is the founder of EcoLuxLuv Marketing & Communications Inc and publisher of Folio.YVR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, PORTFOLIOY.YVR Business & Entrepreneurs Magazine, and digital women's lifestyle magazine EcoLuxLifestyle.co. She is a prolific content creator, consultant, and marketing and media strategist within the ecoluxury lifestyle niche. Post-pandemic, she has worked with many small to mid-sized plant-based/vegan brands to build their digital foundations and strategize content creation and business development. Helen is the west coast correspondent to Canada’s top-read industry magazine Retail-Insider, holds a vast freelance portfolio, and consults with many of the world’s luxury heritage brands. Always seeking new opportunities and challenges, you can email her at helen@ecoluxluv.com.
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