New to the west coast is a unique whisky channelling the majestic royalty of India. Royal Ranthambore Whisky is crafted with various blended malt scotches. The Scotch grain is made from 100% malted barley, carefully blended with oak-infused Indian Grain Neutral Spirit.

The tasting notes include the warm and intense orchard fruit aromas, followed by sweet floral notes and hints of citrus and finishing off with subtle forest honey and spicy dried fruits. Additionally, a rich flavour similar to English muffins, melted butter, plum cakes, apple pie, cocoa and a hint of spicy peaty smoke.

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As sipping and innovative cocktail culture continues to flourish, patrons demand a taste of sophistication and exploration in the blended whisky market, which has inspired Royal Ranthambore to create and share their blended whisky. It can be enjoyed as a beverage neat or in craft cocktails. The possibilities are endless!

The company, alongside the executives, is dedicated to supporting the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve at the Ranthambore National Park by designing the Royal Ranthambore whisky’s logo and packaging to raise awareness in the Save the Tiger initiative. They want to preserve the tiger population as they are the most majestic animals on earth.

Being one of India’s largest and oldest distilleries, Radico Khaitan is the parent company of Rampur Distillery, producing one of the first in its series in the Heritage Collection, the Royal Ranthambore Whisky.

The Royal Ranthambore Whisky offerings are already garnering accolades internationally, with the distribution of this fine product in Canada, Europe, UAE, Africa, SE Asia, and the USA.

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Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
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