Welcome to Folio.YVR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine‘s first issue of 2023 celebrating PASSION and the people, places, and products that feed our desires.

Recently, I had the privilege of meeting this month’s feature ecoluxury activist Dominique Side at VWS in Los Angeles. This serial entrepreneur has her sights on translating luxury into ecoluxury for those who may have yet to consider it. She is moving a consumer audience to a new and ethical way to experience fashion and beauty, health and wellness, transportation and travel.

With this issue, I am pleased to announce a new partnership! The Showcase Pianos Presents stories spotlight our city’s diverse talents with the incomparable Rufus Lin first up. Lin’s joyful approach to life and his passion for jazz is evident in the intimate performance experiences he creates on his favourite Fazioli.

Take a journey to the Valley of the Kings in ancient Egypt and experience the Stefano Ricci 50th Anniversary celebration at the Hatshepsut Temple. It is guaranteed to be unlike any runway experience ever produced and features the legendary Andrea Bocelli. Also celebrating this year is Rolls-Royce. The 20th Anniversary of the Goodwood facility is cause for a retrospective and the third and last chapter in our Rolls-Royce series. From off-roading in Banff (Issue #14) to the launch of Spectre (Issue #16), this overview captures the passion of a motor car company that continues to innovate the future of driving.

Our fashion eye was captivated by accessories this month. Luxury fashion house DIOR released the gorgeous Dior Lady Art #7 with eleven design visionaries crafting their interpretation of the classic Lady Dior. Watch brand OMEGA shared the perfect vegan Valentine’s watch ever – the De Ville Mini Trésor – with a Toile de Jouy cloth bracelet.

After introducing BC to Royal Ranthambore Whisky (Issue #16), we now share Ratico Khaitan’s Rampur Single Malt Whiskies – Asava and Double Cask. Created in the foothills of the Himalayas, these two smooth and mellow offerings are worthy of a 15 Gun Salute!

Join us in idyllic Santorini as we share Artemis Sorotou’s Ethos Vegan Resort. Sorotou’s passion for the planet led her to conceive and launch this intimate venue where everything on the premises is ethically sourced, supports local artisans, and is cruelty-free.

Seeking the ultimate 6-hour getaway? Whistler’s Head-Line Mountain Holidays have a luxe package that will fit into even the busiest schedule! Pack light and let them provide the helicopter, personal chef, massage magic, and the labyrinth of otherworldly ice caves.

Throughout 2023, Folio.YVR will continue to explore and share the ecoluxury stories of those seeking to create a better world for all inhabiting our planet. Cheers to finding your passion in 2023!

All my best,

Helen Siwak, Publisher & EIC

Author Profile

Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
Helen Siwak is the founder of EcoLuxLuv Marketing & Communications Inc and publisher of Folio.YVR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, PORTFOLIOY.YVR Business & Entrepreneurs Magazine, and digital women's lifestyle magazine EcoLuxLifestyle.co. She is a prolific content creator, consultant, and marketing and media strategist within the ecoluxury lifestyle niche. Post-pandemic, she has worked with many small to mid-sized plant-based/vegan brands to build their digital foundations and strategize content creation and business development. Helen is the west coast correspondent to Canada’s top-read industry magazine Retail-Insider, holds a vast freelance portfolio, and consults with many of the world’s luxury heritage brands. Always seeking new opportunities and challenges, you can email her at helen@ecoluxluv.com.
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