The Mini Trésor is a refined version of OMEGA‘s most contemporary collection. Its compact size and dynamic style deliver a genuinely eye-catching display on the wrist. Along with its compact 26 mm size, the timepieces have established their identity through unique colours, patterns, and straps.

Omega De Ville Mini Tresor, Helen Siwak, Folio.YVR, luxury lifestyle magazine, ecoluxury, vancouver, bc, fairmont hotels, bc


The Toile de Jouy straps are inspired by a printed fabric style that originated southeast of Versailles in the 18th century. Three designs have been created in-house at OMEGA, including black butterfly, red floral and blue sea.

This model in stainless steel features a 26 mm case with diamonds that elegantly curve along each side. There is also a single diamond set in the crown, surrounded by a red liquid ceramic flower. The domed dial is crafted in off-white “Grand Feu” enamel and is presented with diamond-polished rhodium-plated hands and transferred Roman Numerals in red.

Omega De Ville Mini Tresor, Helen Siwak, Folio.YVR, luxury lifestyle magazine, ecoluxury, vancouver, bc, fairmont hotels, bc

This watch is set on a unique Toile de Jouy fabric bracelet with a red floral design. Inside, the timepiece is driven by the OMEGA Calibre 4061, which sits behind a metallized sapphire crystal caseback with a mirror effect and Her Time pattern.

Let’s Talk OMEGA Legacy

Omega De Ville Mini Tresor, Helen Siwak, Folio.YVR, luxury lifestyle magazine, ecoluxury, vancouver, bc, fairmont hotels, bc

We spoke to Global OMEGA President & CEO Raynald Aeschlimann about the incredible brand legacy, and his passion for the company.

“What I love about OMEGA are the authentic stories behind our brand. For example, we have been the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games since 1932. We were the first watch worn on the moon in 1969. We have been the choice of James Bond since 1995. We went to the deepest place on Earth in 2019. These are just a few examples. There is a genuine legacy that customers can believe in with OMEGA, and a genuine quality that backs up that heritage. As a company driven by passion and pioneering spirit, I know that we will continue to create more iconic stories into the future.”

Moving forward, what is the key to all things OMEGA?

“Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at OMEGA. Today, that means we are embracing all the possibilities of new technology. From the unique OMEGA alloys that give our watches beauty and longevity – through to revolutionary mechanical achievements, such as the new Spirate™ System released in 2023, which is able to fine-tune precision. We are always pushing the boundaries of watchmaking to see where we can go next. Even within the factory, we’ve addressed our sustainability practices and architecture, to ensure that everything is streamlined and performing at the best possible standard. OMEGA is a company of tradition and values, yet we are committed to being a leader in this industry who always demonstrates progress.”

In this time of love, what is your message to watch aficionados?

“First of all, we are a watch brand. Within the luxury market, watches are a very sentimental item. They represent heritage and human craftsmanship, which is rare in today’s digital world, and they are something you can wear and cherish for years. With OMEGA, you get the additional magic. Our watches tell stories. They combine unique innovation with incredible heritage, and people therefore see us as a very aspirational watch to own. People want to be part of our journey. We’ve achieved so much already. And we still have so much still to do.”

Visit the OMEGA Boutique at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver 900 West Georgia Street today!

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