As an accomplished pianist, composer, and producer, Chloe Flower is bridging the gap between classical and pop.

Her self-created sound – POPSICAL – embodies sweet melodies, epic strings, and hip-hop beats blended with impressive aplomb and was first showcased in her 2021 eponymous debut album, ‘Chloe Flower.’

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Chloe Flower at the Kengo Kuma Fazioli | Photo by Elvis Yang

Born in Pennsylvania, a young Chloe Jeanne Won first reached for piano keys at two years old. By twelve, she studied at the Manhattan School of Music and London’s Royal Academy of Music, completely enthralled by the dazzling American pianist and legendary performer – Liberace.

“I love Liberace, and especially loved his brother, George, who wrote all of the string arrangements. I think Liberace really paved the way for POPSICAL. Musically, he really nailed the mix of popular music and culture with his classical background. Aesthetically, he was just as ‘popsical.’ I love how he didn’t conform, even when people ridiculed him. I remember him saying once, after getting the worst reviews, that he cried all the way to the bank! It takes a lot of strength to be different and I respected him for that as much as I respected his music – which was brilliant.”

chloe flower, fazioli, westbank, manuel bernaschek, helen siwak, ecoluxury, folioyvr, vancouver, bc, popsical
Chloe Flower at the Cloud Fazioli | Photo by Elvis Yang

Flower’s strong sense of determination is also present in activism in the prevention of human trafficking and advocating for music education for all.

This past October 2022, she received The Last Girl’s Impact Award for her work in anti-human trafficking.

In an interview with Forbes, she shared, “I’m so passionate about music education and human trafficking because, in both scenarios, you’re typically dealing with someone who’s in a position that they were born in. I’m lucky that my parents provided me with all of the tools necessary to become successful, but so many kids are unlucky.”

Celebrating Fazioli in Vancouver

In Vancouver, for a collaboration with Westbank, Chloe visited the incredible Fazioli pianos that developer Ian Gillespie has commissioned.

She said, “My favourite one so far is the Floating Fazioli piano. I’ve never seen anything like it. And I love love love cantilevers in architecture so it reminded me of that! Commenting on her visit to our city, she enthused, “I love the views, the landscape and the food. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to!”

chloe flower, fazioli, westbank, manuel bernaschek, helen siwak, ecoluxury, folioyvr, vancouver, bc, popsical
Chloe Flower & Manuel Bernaschek at Origami Fazioli | Photo by Elvis Yang

Creating Music for the Masses

The multi-hyphenate star has become music and fashion’s go-to creator as she intertwines her couture style and unique sound into something the industry has never seen or heard. Chloe has grown into a musical powerhouse over the years — from her show-stopping 2019 Grammy Awards performance with Cardi B to a surprise appearance with Meek Mill at a sold-out Madison Square Garden concert.

Aside from her music, Flower has co-produced and composed for Céline Dion, Johnny Mathis, 2 Chainz, Swae Lee, NAS, and many others.

Additionally, she scored Misty Copeland’s documentary, ‘A Ballerina’s Tale,’ numerous works by Kevin Hart, including his streaming show ‘Hart to Hart,’ for NBC, and original compositions for the champagne house Krug.

In 2022, Flower performed her original song ‘Golden Hour’ at the Golden Globes Awards. Her love of film music, especially instrumental and classical, inspired it.

chloe flower, fazioli, westbank, manuel bernaschek, helen siwak, ecoluxury, folioyvr, vancouver, bc, popsical
Chloe Flower at Flying Fazioli | Photo by Elvis Yang

Music is a Human Right

“Right now and always, music education is most important to me. I would be so happy just writing music in my sweatpants at home every night. I’m a very introverted person.

I grind so hard everyday so that I can inspire young kids AND their parents AND their grandparents to learn an instrument.

Whenever people say, “I wish I never quit piano” or, “I wish I learned an instrument,” it really upsets me. Would you never exercise just because you’re not going to become a professional athlete? Of course, not, music is also exercise for the brain. It teaches things that no other subject can like dignity, self-esteem, purpose, empathy, racial tolerance, and it creates new pathways to learning. I truly believe music is a human right and music can make a society better in one generation. Music is a human right.”

Chloe Flower is a visionary, an icon, an activist, and Folio.YVR is honoured to share this exclusive interview with you.


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