Following her strong values and positive approach, television and lifestyle personality Sonia Mangat lives life to the fullest every day. She leverages her sizable digital platform to highlight several causes near her heart, to share workplace behind-the-scenes moments, and offer a peak into her longstanding passion for flower arranging through her beautiful ‘side hustle’ Fleurs J’adore.

Early in 2020, this Vancouver early morning media darling shifted gears from the laid-back west coast to the bustling east coast by joining the award-winning etalk team. There she quickly found a Canada-wide audience who fell in love with her positive, fun-loving, quirky and humble way of shining in the spotlight.

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From One to Two Shows

She recently joined CP24 Breakfast, Toronto’s most-watched morning show, which has an audience of over four million viewers! From her modest beginnings as a freelance reporter for Warner, then Global and Bell Media, Sonia has crafted her journey.

“I believe in creating a vision board; if you don’t know where you’re headed, you’ll get distracted and lose focus. When I say that, I’m not referring to the actual journey but the destination. Although it’s good to have goals, the journey to achieving them can not be planned because that’s where the real growth happens, and most of the time, the best moments occur when they are not planned. So I always know what I want, but I’m also always open to how I get there.”

sonia mangat, charles zuckermann, etalk, helen siwak, folioyvr, vancouver, bc, yvr

Full-time, All the Time

Being a full-time single mom with a demanding career in broadcasting has its challenges, as Sonia shares, “My daughter, Mariah, is my why. However, my life is also the life that she came into. What I do is not just for her but also for myself. It’s for my joy and fulfillment. My purpose has many facets, Mariah being one, but my service to others is also important.

“I no longer believe in the word balance because if you look at my day-to-day life, there is no balance. But, I make sure Mariah is a big part of everything I do. Sometimes she screens movies with me; sometimes, she comes to the red carpet with me and holds my bag or a restaurant opening. I take my daughter with me as much as I can because I want her to see that her mother is hardworking and receive the type of learning that no school will teach you, the art of talking to people.”

sonia mangat, charles zuckermann, etalk, helen siwak, folioyvr, vancouver, bc, yvr

Being prepared for the future involves setting a course for success and making it happen through planning and perseverance.

“One of my goals was to work with Aveda hair. I’ve used their products for more than a decade now, and hair is a big part of my brand, so I knew I wanted to educate others about this brand. Well, it’s been two years in the making, and I’m now an ambassador for Aveda Canada.

“Another goal I’ve set for myself is to be present. Everyone is always asking ‘what is next’ for me – well, I’ve got two shows, two non-profit organizations I’m a part of, and a daughter to raise – that’s what’s next. I’m truly living in the present and appreciating each day for all the ups and downs it brings.”

Compassion Speaks Loudly

As a woman of colour, Sonia realizes how lucky she is when presented with the opportunity to be involved in opportunities that share actions and values that resonate with her. “There was a time, not too long ago, when the opportunities were few and far, and now we’re in this beautiful revolution of growth and inclusivity. As much as I feel valued around my community, that, unfortunately, is not the reality for many girls in many countries.

“Girls are not given the same opportunities as boys, and studies have shown that when girls are educated and go on to work, they always give back to their community. So when one girl succeeds, everyone around her benefits. “This is why I’m so passionate about organizations like One Girl Can, The Invisible Girl project (my daughter and I have been sponsoring a beautiful girl for years through them) and Days For Girls (helping end the stigma associated with menstruation).”

Living with Purpose and Style

As anyone who follows Sonia can see, she has a passion for fashion and food! She loves cooking at home, is 80% plant-based and prides herself on making “killer barbeque cauliflower and bean tacos.“

On her occasional visits to Vancouver, you may get a glimpse of her dining at Yaletown’s much-awarded Blue Water Cafe, Main Street’s Anh and Chi, and hitting up Coast downtown for a lively Happy Hour.

“I’ve always loved playing around with fashion. Recently I discovered Australia’s L’IDEE. They create dresses that are so silky and flow beautifully, all the while giving you a sexy vibe. Obsessed! Also, I know you will be hearing much about a Toronto designer, Dorian Who. She creates avant-garde streetwear using deadstock materials. You put her pieces on and instantly feel like you belong at Paris Fashion Week. Shout-out to my stylist Simone Faloona – she knows my fit so well and always pulls the most gorgeous pieces – she knows I like quality!“

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Thriving in the New Normal

During the pandemic, Sonia lived with her daughter and her father. Living with an aging parent and caring for a child is a situation some might typically find trying, but she found it to be a bonding experience for them all.

“I once heard someone say this is the worst age because you’re looking after your old parents while raising little humans. I see it in the most opposite way—what a beautiful place to be where you can connect your child to the people who raised you. The love my dad has for my daughter is beyond this world. They wrestle, they fight, they laugh at each other, it’s such a blessing.”

With the trying times far behind, Sonia and her family, including recent addition fur-baby Blue, continue to grow and thrive. As someone who once hosted traffic, weather, and news segments locally, Sonia has grown exponentially in Toronto. She is now interviewing cherished Canadian personalities like Ryan Reynolds, Jim Carrey, Catherine O’Hara, and powerful women like Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, Priyanka Chopra, and Katy Perry, all with her signature enthusiasm, charisma, and grace.

All photography for this story by Charles Zuckermann.

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Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
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