Hot Republic is an international luxury lifestyle and entertainment company creating unforgettable events supporting charities and non-profit organizations. Founded by Gabon-born David Guembhyt Jr, the luxury production company prides itself on crafting custom experiences that cater to the whims and desires of the VIP and often invite-only attendees.

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With a roster of supercar owners, fashion designers and models, DJs, exquisite caterers, and celebrities on speed dial, David G Jr envisions events from the ground up that inspire guests to express themselves.

The recent La Mansion Supercar Weekend event was held at a remote private location in Langley, BC benefitting veteran police officer Kal Dosanjh’s Kids Play Foundation. The event included a fashion show by Fefe Couture by Farzaneh Jahangard and sponsors Emobily, Lucid Motors, 2000 Cigars, C’est Parfait luxury desserts, Limobook Limousine Car Service, Canadian Flower Winery, and many more.

david g jr, hot republic, portfolioyvr, folioyvr, helen siwak, ecoluxury, lifestyle, vancouver, bc, yvr

david g jr, hot republic, portfolioyvr, folioyvr, helen siwak, ecoluxury, lifestyle, vancouver, bc, yvr
Bugatti Scooters provided by Will Fan of Emobily


David is a dynamic individual passionate about hosting events that transcend borders and cultures. Born in Gabon, he spent his formative years experiencing the unique blend of two diverse worlds – Alsace Strasbourg and Libreville. Growing up in such distinct environments instilled a deep appreciation for different cultures and their traditions.

Hailing from a family with a strong political background, David developed a keen understanding of diplomacy and the art of bringing people together. These early experiences laid the foundation for his journey into the world of event hosting, which he considers his true calling.

David’s wanderlust spirit led him to travel extensively, exploring various countries and immersing himself in their rich tapestry of customs and festivities. These global encounters broadened his horizons and fueled his creativity in crafting extraordinary and inclusive events.

Settling in Canada, David felt a natural affinity for this multicultural nation, where he saw endless opportunities to curate events that celebrated diversity and unity. His events became a melting pot of cultures, artistry, and entertainment, leaving lasting impressions on attendees.

Known for his warm and engaging personality, David effortlessly connects with people, making every guest feel welcome and valued. His skillful event management and innate ability to read the room ensure that every occasion is an unforgettable experience.

For David, hosting events is not just a profession but a genuine passion to create magical moments that transcend boundaries and foster lasting connections between people from different backgrounds. Whether it is an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, David’s events reflect his genuine desire to make the world a more interconnected and harmonious one event at a time.

david g jr, hot republic, portfolioyvr, folioyvr, helen siwak, ecoluxury, lifestyle, vancouver, bc, yvr

david g jr, hot republic, portfolioyvr, folioyvr, helen siwak, ecoluxury, lifestyle, vancouver, bc, yvr
Fashion Show by Farzaneh Jahangard of Fefe Couture with MUA by Sara Sadr


“Vancouver and Toronto are known for their affluent population and cosmopolitan culture. The demand for luxury events in these cities might be substantial, offering lucrative business opportunities for event producers. Therefore Hot Republic has a genuine passion for organizing and creating memorable experiences. Luxury events provide an opportunity to showcase creativity, attention to detail, and the ability to curate exclusive and extraordinary occasions.

“The time it takes to produce an event can vary significantly depending on the scale, complexity, and type of event. While some more intimate events might be planned within a few weeks, larger and more elaborate events, especially luxury events, typically require more time for meticulous planning and coordination.

“The most significant event we organized was the All White Mansion Party in 2016 at the British Properties, which had an impressive attendance of 375 people. It was a remarkable and memorable gathering featuring an opulent setting, exquisite entertainment with a fashion show, and a vast lineup of supercars.

“We are exploring the idea of organizing events across Canada, in the process of hosting an event in St. Tropez, and are considering Gabon as a destination event for 2024.”


If you are eager to be on the Guest List for the next Hot Republic event, make sure you follow them!

Luxury Dessert Display by C’est Parfait – Vancouver Creative Catering

Read the original story on David G Jr and Hot Republic in PORTFOLIO.YVR: Volume 1 | Issue 1 here.

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