The Sunzen Art Gallery exhibition, “Treasures of the Heaven,” featured the work of Chun Feng Xiang Yu, one of the top porcelain makers in contemporary China, with kilns in Jingdezhen City, the birthplace of Chinese porcelain.

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The founder and current owner, Zou Jun, has been working as a porcelain artist for over thirty years. The lifelike characters and grand landscapes are compared with scroll paintings, masterly depicted within inches. Modern aesthetics interpreted with exceptional craftsmanship, Chun Feng Xiang Yu is worthy of the reputation of “treasures of the heaven.”

In over a decade of collaboration between Sunzen Art Gallery and Zou Jun, the curators have collected over a hundred Chun Feng Xiang Yu masterpieces. This exhibition was curated by Sida Chen, produced by 
Jing Ning and spotlights Chun Feng Xiang Yu’s most important stages of creation, representing the thinking and exploration of Chinese porcelain art and its future.


Born in Jingdezhen City, Zou Jun’s ancestors started their porcelain-making business in the early 19th century to support family-owned Chinese medicine shops. At that time, the Chinese medicine shops needed large amounts of porcelains as containers for Chinese medicines.

In 1992, the Hong Kong tea merchant 
Rong Zhi ordered some customized teawares from Zou Jun, marking his 
starting point in a new career as 
a porcelain-making master. Zou Jun graduated from Jingdezhen Porcelain Academy with a systemic understanding of designing and making porcelain. The archaized designs of Chun Feng Xiang Yu porcelains are based 
on the Late Yuan Dynasty and early 
Ming Dynasty (14th~15th century) 
porcelain styles.

The shape, brushwork, thickness of the porcelain body, and blue and white colour have all undergone repeated trials and comparisons. On this basis, the designs are modified with new techniques and a modernist taste. With a great understanding of Chinese porcelain’s history, tradition, and unique aesthetics, Chun Feng Xiang Yu now represents high-quality contemporary porcelain art in China.

Along with an extensive collection of artwork and cultural pieces, Sunzen is also home to numerous exhibitions and events to foster community development between artists, collectors, and professionals.

All photography by Vancouver-based photographer Elvis Yang

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