At the entrance to Phantom Creek Estates winery, visitors are awe-struck at two female figures, each seven metres tall, winged and poised to take flight but tethered to the earth by a slender waterfall of coated bronze. This is Pro Terra et Natura — For Earth and Nature — by Chinese contemporary artist Wu Ching Ru. It’s one of six such installations located around the world. It represents two spirits of nature, mother and daughter, seeking a sanctuary to inhabit and their delicate connection to our planet.  

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Pro Terra et Natura is the perfect first welcome to the winery,” said François Mateo, Managing Director of Phantom Creek. “It captures everything we’re about: it represents our commitment to creation, to art and culture, and to being careful stewards of this land. It speaks to our responsibility to the community and to what we aspire to accomplish, which is to transform the landscape by challenging the status quo.”

phantom creek, wu ching ru, folioyvr, helen siwak, ecoluxury, luxury lifestyle, vancouver, bc, yvr

Wu, who is of aboriginal Taiwanese lineage, visited Canada and the winery for the first time since the sculptures were installed in 2019. She feels they are well grounded against the natural, breathtaking backdrop of the Black Sage Bench

“I have been yearning to visit Phantom Creek, to see the sculptures in person, their wings spread wide against the mesmerizing blue sky of the Valley, surrounded by the rich foliage and spectacular scenery,” said Wu. “I am very grateful that my creation has found its home here.” 

A Residency at Phantom Creek

This past September, Wu was in residence at the winery, drawing inspiration from its surroundings to create 20 individual collectable wine-box art pieces. Winery visitors could watch her work, and many took part in a special dinner to celebrate the artist’s passion, cultural diversity, fine wines and food, and the exciting new opportunities envisioned by the artist and the brand. Wu also designed and installed a floral arrangement to mark this exclusive collaboration.

phantom creek, wu ching ru, folioyvr, helen siwak, ecoluxury, luxury lifestyle, vancouver, bc, yvr

It is a partnership first established when Phantom Creek Estates chose Pro Terra et Natura to illustrate its steadfast appreciation and commitment to art and the environment, and it will not end here. Although the pandemic delayed Wu’s first visit, it’s only the start of an ongoing collaborative vision to develop an art program and cultural exchange within the international art community.

About Phantom Creek Estates

Located on the famed Black Sage Bench in BC’s Okanagan Valley, Phantom Creek Estates is a destination winery like no other. Specializing in single-vineyard red and white varietals grown on storied vineyard sites, the commitment to creation, to the environment, and to challenging the status quo is clear in every aspect of winery operations. 

It is evident in the care of certified organic vineyards, traditional winemaking methods using state-of-the-art technology, and the winery’s spectacular design, support of local producers, and dedication to art and culture. From the start, the winery has been guided by the long-term vision of building one of the leading wineries in the country and, in turn, of developing Canada as the next frontier in the world of wine.

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