“The Kengo Kuma Fazioli Grand Piano is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and design inspired by nature, with incredible attention to detail in its design and construction. The unique materials used and the precision with which it was crafted create an exceptional sound and playing experience. What was born was a perfect synthesis that combines the beauty of the unique Kengo Kuma architectural design with the inimitable Fazioli sound and craftsmanship,” says Rachel Naomi Kudo.”

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“I couldn’t help but think about the quote by 
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: “Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music.” Before sound, every piece of music, either with or without notations, including improvisations, has an indispensable structure. Architecture, from its form and structure, can invoke the imagination and the sound of music. “The Kengo Kuma Fazioli is the perfect example. When you see the layering effect created using sheets of Hinoki wood, a spiritual material in Japan used for building temples, it radiates an infiniteness and timelessness, as if the melodies can vibrate from the depths of the keys with extra-dimensional resonance.”

showcase pianos, rachel naomi kudo, fazioli, westbank, manuel bernaschek, vancouver, bc, yvr, piano


Born in Washington, DC, to Japanese-Korean parents, Rachel began her studies with Emilio del Rosario at the Music Institute of Chicago. After spending her childhood in Japan, she returned to Chicago to pursue a musical life, playing chamber music and violin in her high school orchestra, appearing on ‘From the Top’ on NPR, and studying with Kum-Sing Lee in Vancouver, Canada.


“When I was first approached to play on the launch night for the Kengo Kuma tower, I was incredibly honoured and excited. The Fazioli is already such a beautiful and unique instrument, and I was curious to see how the Kengo Kuma design would enhance its sound and feel. I was also inspired by the opportunity to play in such a stunning and innovative space.”

showcase pianos, rachel naomi kudo, fazioli, westbank, manuel bernaschek, vancouver, bc, yvr, piano


Rachel believes in sharing the transformative power of music with the broadest possible audience to foster cultural engagement and human connection. “As for my advice for young pianists, it’s essential to find a balance between discipline and passion. You should practice regularly and hone your skills, but you also need to stay connected to the joy and inspiration that drew you to music in the first place. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things, and always stay true to your unique voice and perspective. Music is a lifelong journey!”


Manuel Bernaschek, founder and owner of Showcase Pianos, felt the choice to invite Rachel to play at the launch event was exquisite and fitting. “The amazing thing about Rachel Naomi Kudo is that she didn’t come to just “play the pieces.” Rachel truly delivered a top-quality performance, which was the perfect complement to the stunning setting and wonderful acoustics of Kengo Kuma’s building in the Alberni development.”

showcase pianos, rachel naomi kudo, fazioli, westbank, manuel bernaschek, vancouver, bc, yvr, piano


The Kengo Kuma Fazioli grand piano is based on the Fazioli F212 and is a glorious instrument designed by the renowned Japanese architect whose name it bears. Developer Westbank commissioned the piano, as it has many others, through Vancouver’s only Fazioli dealer, the highly respected Showcase Pianos.

The Kengo Kuma Fazioli piano has an exterior of 
40 bevelled wooden planes of Hinoki wood–the same wood used for many of the building’s wooden elements – and its uniform grain is also most desirable in the piano manufacturing process–both aesthetically and acoustically. The wood of the piano case is sculptured to capture the look and feel of the building’s exterior, a look that is echoed in many of Kuma’s buildings.

The Kengo Kuma Fazioli grand piano took over a year to build and cost USD 890,000.

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