Apart from owning and running a media company, Craig Patterson is an experienced writer, researcher, retail analyst, retail and real estate consultant, public speaker, subject matter expert, and, more importantly, the founder, CEO and publisher of Canada’s leading retail industry news magazine, Retail Insider.

Craig has studied the Canadian retail landscape for over 25 years, holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws Degree, and is a former manager at Access Pro Bono Society in BC.

He is keenly interested in real estate, shopping centres, urban planning, demography and Canadian retailing, and regularly lecture/speak on related topics.

Craig is also an Advisor at the University of Alberta School of Cities and Communities and is a Research and Special Projects Consultant with the Retail Council of Canada.

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Craig Patterson & Ian Rosen, President of Harry Rosen

Under his guidance, Retail Insider creates daily exclusive news articles and retail insights that reach more than 2.5 million readers annually, most being decision-makers in the competitive Canadian retail industry.

Craig has built a team of experienced writers, editors and expert analysts from across Canada who inform on the industry through the platform’s daily newsletters, which reach over 20,000 unique readers daily and whose mailing list includes senior business leaders who control billions of dollars in spending every year.

Retail Insider has two podcasts, ‘The Interview Series’ hosted by Craig, and ‘The Weekly’ co-hosted with Lee Rivett (Publication Support & Operations).

The podcasts cover the popular articles from the week with additional retail insights and expert commentary. Special edition podcasts are also recorded for notable retail events and are part of sponsored content opportunities featuring a curation of guests. Retail Insider is monetized to offer a variety of sponsorships and advertising channels that focus on particular sections of its audience or perform an integrated campaign to reach a mix of web visitors, daily newsletter subscribers, podcast listeners and social media followers.

Retail Insider is building its online presence, and as it grows, so does the demand for Craig’s insights. In the past year, he has been a special guest speaker at numerous industry events for companies like SalesForce, LVMH, and Tiffany & Co.

craig patterson, retail insider, helen siwak, portfolioyvr, vancouver, toronto, bc, yvr, enterpreneurs
Craig Patterson at Kith, Yorkville


“I didn’t realize I was an entrepreneur until after I had started a blog that began to make some money through advertising. I had a dual life – lawyer by day and retail blogger at night! Back then, it would be impossible to know what Retail Insider would become as it started as a hobby.

“Retail Insider now has over 25,000 subscribers and hundreds of thousands of monthly readers.

“We publish thousands of articles yearly and have connected with the likes of Richard Baker (Governor of HBC), designers Jean Paul Gaultier, Virgil Abloh and others, not to mention well-known individuals in the retail and related industries, including some interesting billionaires.