What makes a successful entrepreneur? Think leadership, integrity, self-motivation, creativity, risk-taking, determination, perseverance, adaptability, effective communication, networking, and a willingness to experiment. It all comes back to being able to sell themselves, their products, and/or services.

In this issue of PORTFOLIO.YVR Business & Entrepreneurs are ten stories of people who, like yourself, get up in the morning ready to amp it up to 10 and the next day do it all over again!

Our lead feature is on Craig Patterson, founder and CEO of Retail Insider. What started as a hobby blog has become a resource – reaching over 2.5M readers annually – for not only those involved in Canadian retail but also for brands and businesses looking to expand into Canada. Craig shares with us his journey from lawyer to digital entrepreneur.

Vancouver Island is represented with two stories of two totally different products. Sean Jordan and Paul Vanderzee are building StrataPress and disrupting the strata management industry. At the same time, Nelson Meggitt has created a new beverage category named ‘Wellness-Meets-Luxury‘ that perfectly describes his oak-cultured Tisane kombucha product, Zen Moment. Sid + Jacqueline Real Estate Group prides itself on doing real estate differently. With a focus on home, community, and giving, the founders are a mother-son duo who are making waves in the city with their compassionate approach in a very competitive market.

VANCITY 4 SALE‘s Alan Calimbas went from rock star to real estate and actively promotes animal rescue alongside his properties and podcast. Bringing awareness to the plight of abandoned dogs at ‘kill shelters’ in California, this rising star is rewriting what success means at home and in the heart.

From Vancouver’s Luxury Zone comes the story of Manuel Bernaschek. From accountant to the purveyor of the city’s priciest pianos and ultra-luxury men’s wear, Manuel’s story begins with a jar of pennies and continues to Stefano Ricci and Showcase Pianos.

With an Insta account named @ILOVENOOK, Jessica Liang is building more than a co-working space to plug-in at. Truly more than just four walls and a desk, Nook is just the first step in creating a global mentorship community. This story will warm your heart as it literally ‘took a village’ to make her dream come true!

Over ten years ago, wealth management advisor Jason Sarai, stepped out of an office tower and into the sartorial world of elevated men’s wear. From personal styling to designing the ever-expanding showroom, hosting swanky soirees, to jetting off to meet clients where they live, SARAI Bespoke is moving forward with finesse.

Tackling everything from event coordination to social media management, the gregarious Madeleine Clerides may be best remembered for bringing the ‘Art of Drag’ back to the city! During the pandemic, this new entrepreneur transformed a West End parking lot into a performance space, and just like that…there was something to get excited about in a time of isolation.

Blink, and you may miss him! Benjamin Lumb is an artist, entrepreneur, and visionary who not only thinks big but creates on a massive scale. Known for his larger-than-life sculptures and personality, this creative is always on the move, never letting the ‘traditional art world’ slow him down. With four businesses and three daughters, the hustle is real.

Please enjoy our second issue and share with those around you who have chosen entrepreneurship as their vehicle to success. Each of these stories is unique and inspiring!

Author Profile

Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
Helen Siwak is the founder of EcoLuxLuv Marketing & Communications Inc and publisher of Folio.YVR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, PORTFOLIOY.YVR Business & Entrepreneurs Magazine, and digital women's lifestyle magazine EcoLuxLifestyle.co. She is a prolific content creator, consultant, and marketing and media strategist within the ecoluxury lifestyle niche. Post-pandemic, she has worked with many small to mid-sized plant-based/vegan brands to build their digital foundations and strategize content creation and business development. Helen is the west coast correspondent to Canada’s top-read industry magazine Retail-Insider, holds a vast freelance portfolio, and consults with many of the world’s luxury heritage brands. Always seeking new opportunities and challenges, you can email her at [email protected].
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