To world travellers and ice cave thrill seekers, the mere mention of Kamchatka, Skaftafell, Dobšinská, and Mýrdalsjökull elicits gasps and instant recognition that you are, at heart, a true connoisseur of adventure travel.

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For those mesmerized by west coast nature and relish every opportunity to source (and be the first to enjoy) an unspoiled local wonder, grab a tote and pack lightly, for you are not going far!

If you can free up six hours of your schedule and pack light – regular ski wear, a bathing suit, a camera and tripod, sun protection, and a hat – be prepared to experience breathtaking enchantment only 90 minutes away from Vancouver under the direction of the staff of Head-Line Mountain Holidays.

headline mountain holidays, ice caves, helen siwak, folioyvr, vancouver, bc, ecoluxury, luxury lifestyle

Guests enjoying the Heli Cave & Hot Springs adventure depart Whistler by helicopter in groups of 1 to 4 persons, and fly over Canada’s ice fields to explore a labyrinth of ice caves on the largest, southernmost temperate latitude ice cap in the world.

headline mountain holidays, helen siwak, folioyvr, vancouver, bc, ecoluxury, luxury lifestyle

Experience a World of Ethereal Ice Caves

Once inside, these natural ice sculptures, ice flows, and gentle slides will transport guests from one intense grand hall to the next. There are roughly 320-square-metres that make up the ice cap in which the ice caves exist. Head-Line’s President and CEO Doug Washer, and his team of guides and glaciologists constantly monitor the ice.

“We frequent these ice caves year round, both with guests, students and by ourselves to access and records changes to the ice fields and the ice cap itself. This provides us with the insights we need to define our access points and areas of greatest interest for our guests.”

headline mountain holidays, ice caves, whistler, helen siwak, folioyvr, vancouver, bc, ecoluxury, luxury lifestyle

What makes the densely packed underground glacial ice formations stun with vibrant intense shades of blue? The lack of air bubbles. Walking into and standing in the ice caves is said to be akin to experiencing the aurora borealis dancing in the darkest night skies of Iceland.

headline mountain holidays, helen siwak, folioyvr, vancouver, bc, ecoluxury, luxury lifestyle

An Abundance of Amenities

From the caves, continue the journey by helicopter to the splendour of a natural thermal bath in a remote hot spring, replete with a gourmet lunch courtesy of a private chef. Along the way, wildlife viewing is exceptional, with sightings of grizzly and black bears, cougars, hares, mountain goats, marmots, eagles, and hawks, all common While ice may be cold and harsh, it can be gorgeous and well worth the sacrifice of an afternoon.

headline mountain holidays, helen siwak, folioyvr, vancouver, bc, ecoluxury, luxury lifestyle

This Head-Line mountain wilderness experience is a flat fee per person with upgrades available, including aerial and cinematography packages, a wilderness spa with massage therapists, extended scenic flight and wildlife viewing, and landing on the incredible Tuya Top Volcano.

Exclusive, natural, private, and serene. 

Images courtesy Head-line Mountain Holidays including many by photographer Marc Dionne.

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