For the purist, the Porsche Taycan 4S is expressive, timeless, soulful, and electrified. It thrills within fractions of a second with a fluid yet sharp silhouette and dynamic flyline. Launch control can be activated in both Sport and Sport Plus modes, preparing all systems for maximum acceleration and delivering incredible power to the tarmac.

porsche taycan, electric vehicles, aleem kassam, helen siwak, vancouver, folioyvr, bc, yvr, ecoluxury

porsche taycan, electric vehicles, aleem kassam, helen siwak, vancouver, folioyvr, bc, yvr, ecoluxury

The Taycan is fitted with the Porsche Active Aerodynamics System with active cool air intakes and an adaptive, triple-level rear spoiler for dynamic driving. At 56 mph, 99 mph and 124 mph, it transforms an electric vehicle into a sports car with Porsche DNA.

Digital ones have entirely replaced mechanical buttons, making the cockpit cleaner. The innovative curved display is always right in front of the driver, offering state-of-the-art comfort for an electrifying driving experience.

porsche taycan, electric vehicles, aleem kassam, helen siwak, vancouver, folioyvr, bc, yvr, ecoluxury


Recently, Vancouver’s award-winning interior designer and best dressed A-Lister Aleem Kassam and his partner Victor Kazakov enjoyed the Taycan 4S Sport Saloon on a weekend getaway.

“We wanted to experience its full capabilities and features, so we packed our days with a couple of adventures out of the city, one with friends and the other ourselves. Getting to experience this ultimate machine from the cockpit and cabin, as a driver and passenger, there was no bad seat in the Taycan!

“As avid car enthusiasts, we were amazed by the power and performance packed into this sleek car, especially the grit and roar of the engine from an EV. Enjoy the luxurious yet sporty interior, massaging front seats, fantastic surround sound system, endless technology, dual charging ports, panoramic roof, and massive dual front console screens for the driver and passenger to ensure the ultimate driving experience!”

porsche taycan, electric vehicles, aleem kassam, helen siwak, vancouver, folioyvr, bc, yvr, ecoluxury

Porsche delivered almost 20,000 Taycan cars to customers worldwide in 2020. Taycan models account for 70 percent of all Porsche models sold in Norway. The electric sports car has already received almost 50 international awards, above all in its principal markets of Germany, the USA, the UK, and China.


With its clean, purist design, the Taycan signals the beginning of a new era. At the same time, it retains the unmistakable Porsche design DNA. Its silhouette is defined by its sporty roofline sloping downward to the rear. The highly sculpted side sections are also characteristic. The sleek cabin, the drawn-in D-pillar and the pronounced shoulders of the wings result in a sharply emphasized rear, typical of the brand. Innovative elements, such as the glass-look lettering for the Porsche logo in the light bar, complement these features.


Classic design features have been reinterpreted and brought into the digital age—the wing-shaped upper and lower sections of the dashboard stretch across the car’s entire width. The free-standing, curved instrument cluster forms the highest point on the dashboard. This places a clear focus on the driver axis. A central 10.9-inch infotainment display and an optional passenger display are combined to form an integrated glass band in a black-panel look. There is also the option for a fully vegan interior, and the floor covering uses the recycled fibre Econyl®, which is made from, among other things, recycled fishing nets.


Taycan drivers can charge their vehicles at home with up to 11 kW of alternating current (AC) as standard. An onboard charger delivering 22 kW is available as new optional equipment. Taycan drivers benefit from the sophisticated temperature management strategy for the battery when on the road. This allows the batteries to be charged with higher currents (direct current, DC), speeding up the process significantly. This means that, in five minutes, the battery can be recharged for up to 100 km (according to WLTP).


From the start, it was clear to Porsche that producing a fully electric car also had to be carbon-neutral. The newly built factory for the Taycan, situated in the Zuffenhausen district of Stuttgart, has been designed to pursue the vision of a factory with zero environmental impact.

Both the materials used in the interior of the electric sports car, some of which consist of recycled materials and a charging infrastructure using green electricity, are particularly sustainable. Every use of the Porsche Charging Service is carbon-neutral. Porsche drivers can filter available charging stations using the “Green electricity” charging station filter.

Unlike electric vehicles based on cars originally designed with combustion engines, the Taycan was imagined from the ground up as an electric vehicle. It is an example of a ‘purpose design approach,’ meaning that the battery was considered the most important aspect of the vehicle from the start of the development process – which is why the Taycan was constructed around this battery.

It meant that Porsche could explore the full benefits of electromobility, like providing two luggage compartments – front and rear. These benefits are extended further with the Taycan Cross Turismo and Taycan Sport Turismo variants, with their larger tailgates and enhanced luggage space.

porsche taycan, electric vehicles, aleem kassam, helen siwak, vancouver, folioyvr, bc, yvr, ecoluxury


More than any other type of vehicle, sports cars and race cars can often be identified just by the sound they make. Indeed, every Porsche model has its own character and particular ‘voice.’

This presented a dilemma for Porsche engineers when developing their first all-electric vehicle. In the case of the EU, USA and China, for example, there are legal requirements for manufacturers when it comes to the acoustics of an electric vehicle for pedestrian safety reasons. But in the case of the Porsche engineers developing the Taycan Sports Saloon, there was also the additional desire for a Porsche to sound amazing. They were determined that it must be authentic and match the vehicle.

Of course, an electric vehicle runs far more quietly than a gas- or diesel-powered car, but it is not silent. You can hear the contact its tires make with the road, for example, and its transmission and drive motors at work.

At the Nardò Technical Centre in Italy and the soundproof laboratory of the Porsche development centre in Weissach, near Stuttgart, the company’s acousticians listened, tested and tweaked. They came up with Porsche Electric Sport Sound, an option for your Taycan, highlighting parts of the drive that sound good and filtering out unwanted sounds. It is a sound that gets increasingly louder and more powerful the more dynamic the driving. Emotional, say the engineers, rather than obtrusive – a unique sound for these unique all-electric sports cars.

porsche taycan, electric vehicles, aleem kassam, helen siwak, vancouver, folioyvr, bc, yvr, ecoluxury


The Porsche Taycan has broken several electric vehicle records. Just before its launch in 2019, it became the fastest four-door electric car on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife at the Nürburgring. A Taycan Turbo S Sports Saloon covered the 20.6 km section of the Green Hell used for record attempts in a highly rapid seven minutes and 42 seconds – an average speed of 160.52 km/h. Three years later, it became the fastest series-produced electric car on the famed German circuit, the scene of many great high-octane exploits, when it posted a mark of seven minutes and 33 seconds.

The Taycan records do not end there, either. At the start of 2022, a team of drivers broke the record for the highest altitude achieved by an all-electric production car – 4,842.967 metres – by driving from one of the lowest points in the USA, Badwater Basin in Death Valley, to one of its highest, the famous Pike’s Peak in Colorado. The Taycan has also added the fastest speed achieved by a vehicle indoors when professional racing driver Leh Keen reached a speed of 165.1 km/h in a Taycan Turbo S at the New Orleans Convention Center in 2021.

And if you thought electric cars could not drift, then the Taycan proved that assumption wrong in dramatic style when Porsche Experience Center driver Dennis Reter secured the Guinness world record for the Taycan with the longest continuous drift in an electric vehicle. He held it for a jaw-dropping 55 continuous minutes and 42 km’s on an irrigated track at the Porsche Experience Centre (PEC) at the Hockenheimring.

Many believe that the Taycan 4S is a game-changing electric vehicle. In addition to being a record-breaking, award-winning, versatile all-electric sports car that has helped change how we think and feel about an EV, it is noteworthy that the Taycan was designed as an EV from the ground up. Gorgeous and with purpose!

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