In the vibrant and ever-evolving realm of luxury interior design, the West Coast of Canada is a flourishing hub, nurturing a unit of exceptionally talented female designers whose innovative vision and steadfast commitment to excellence redefine the contours of luxury living. From Vancouver‘s metropolitan allure to Victoria‘s coastal charm, these trailblazing women seamlessly weave together modernity and timeless elegance, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of high-end aesthetics– we present to you the with the first set of top designers who have carved their niche in shaping the essence of luxury living on the captivating West Coast.

Karin Bohn – House of Bohn


Karin Bohn, the ingenious founder of House of Bohn, emerges as a luminary in Vancouver’s design scene. With an unwavering dedication to her craft, Karin acts as a visionary alchemist, seamlessly blending functionality with unparalleled luxury. Her design ethos graces residential and commercial spaces, infusing them with an air of sophistication beyond the ordinary. Karin’s work sets the standard for opulent living, where each space is meticulously curated to evoke a sense of timeless elegance.

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Clove Restaurant in Surrey, BC | Design by House of Bohn

Beyond her design prowess, Karin extends her influence through a thriving YouTube channel, where she generously shares exclusive insights, project walkthroughs, and invaluable design tips, cultivating a devoted following. Stepping into the world of streaming, Karin has graced the screens of Netflix (Restaurants on the Edge), garnering international acclaim. In the ongoing West Coast design renaissance, Karin Bohn stands tall as a beacon of creativity, shaping luxury living with an effortless blend of elegance and style.

Christina Cottrell – Curated Home by Chrissy & Co


In the radiant realm of interior design, Christina Cottrell emerges as a true visionary, fearlessly venturing to create spaces that transcend the boundaries of ordinary aesthetics. For Christina, design is an artful orchestration where spaces become narratives of personal refuge and soul-nourishing havens. Her philosophy is crystal clear—beautiful homes are storytellers, weaving tales before a word is spoken. According to Christina, exceptional homes propel you to dream bigger, live more fully, and resonate deeply with your essence.

As the driving force behind Curated Home by Chrissy & Co, Christina’s passion is translated into an elevated interior design experience that satiates aesthetic desires and nourishes the soul. Services extend beyond the visual – spanning building and renovation, furniture decor, and commercial design – all harmonizing to elevate the quality of life. Recognitions and key projects underscore her commitment to excellence, with each design chapter leaving an indelible mark on locations like Gibbons Ave, Yaletown, Okanagan Lake, and South Granville. Christina Cottrell’s designs are a mandate for life lived to the full, inviting you on a journey of self-discovery and masterful living.

Kyla Bidgood – Bidgood Studio

Kyla Bidgood | Image: James Jones Photos

Embarking on a design odyssey, Kyla Bidgood, the visionary founder of the acclaimed Bidgood Co, leaves an indelible mark on Vancouver and Victoria‘s dynamic design landscape. Known for her transformative touch, Bidgood crafts iconic spaces such as the Hotel Grand Pacific and Sherwood Bar, where design eras seamlessly intertwine.

Kyla’s interiors are a rich symphony of warmth, texture, and materials, redefining functionality with artistic finesse. Actively contributing to the design community, Bidgood is a purveyor of joy in every space she touches. Collaborating on award-winning projects like The Duke Saloon and Citizen, she continually redefines the West Coast design narrative with unparalleled creativity and innovation.

Yumi Murayama – YU+ME Design Inc.

yumi murayama, vancouver, yvr, bc, interior designer, kate pickering

In the vibrant tapestry of Vancouver’s design scene, Yumi Murayama, CEO of YU+ME Design Inc., stands as an influential force. Specializing in mid- to high-end residential design, Yumi’s journey began with a passion for renovating her home. After honing her skills in a senior designer role at a global Danish company, she launched YU+ME Design Inc. in 2018.

Recognized in Canadian Home Trend Magazine and an ambassador for, Yumi’s designs embody elegance, functionality, and an unwavering commitment to crafting homes that reflect the essence of each client. Her entrepreneurial journey demonstrates a commitment to clear expectations and boundaries, creating beautiful homes that resonate with clients globally.

Sarah Gallop – Sarah Gallop Design Inc.

sarah gallop folioyvr, interior designer, kate pickering, vancouver, bc, yvr

In the realm of design mastery, Sarah Gallop Design Inc. emerges as a guardian of aesthetic excellence. As the founder, Sarah Gallop‘s unwavering passion for interior design was evident from a young age when she designed her first house at twelve, setting the stage for a remarkable journey. With a background in Marketing, Business Management, and Art Direction, Sarah’s heart found its true home in Interior Design—a realization that marked a turning point in her career.
Specializing in renovation design, commercial design, and creating bespoke interiors for new constructions and custom homes, SGDI has garnered accolades, including the HAVAN Award for Interior Designer of the Year in 2022 and numerous nominations in 2024.

Sarah’s role as the visionary overseer of the design team reflects her commitment to detail, which is showcased in award-winning spaces across Canada, the USA, and Asia. Beyond her design prowess, Sarah actively contributes to industry publications, appears on major media platforms, and champions design education. SGDI’s primary focus on luxury new home construction seamlessly blends modernity with timeless elegance, ensuring every project is a masterpiece of personalized sophistication.


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