Julia Burakova, founder of Silver Moon Photography, is a passionate and dedicated professional photographer who focuses on capturing life’s most precious moments. 

Julia Burakova, Silver Moon photography,Vancouver, Canada, Helen Siwak, portfolio, yvr

As a mother of three young children, she understands the importance of cherishing every fleeting moment, so she approaches each photoshoot with humility and a genuine desire to help people create lasting memories. 

Through the camera’s lens, she strives to showcase all her clients’ true essence and inner beauty, ensuring that every image tells a unique and heartfelt story. 

Whether capturing the joy of a wedding day or the tender moments shared between loved ones, Julia and Silver Moon Photography are committed to delivering photographs that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Specializing in weddings, portraits, families, maternity, branding, and commercial photoshoots, she takes immense pride in her ability to freeze time and immortalize the beauty of each individual, family, and occasion. 


“I have always worked in big companies under someone else’s supervision. But three years ago, when I was in my early 30s, I decided to give myself a chance and start my own business – a professional wedding and portrait photographer. 

“I worked at a university in Manitoba for seven years. My partner and I had three children within four years, so after arriving in BC, having a corporate job made no sense. I needed a pursuit that aligned more with my lifestyle. I left my position and began a new chapter of my life. 

“In the early days of my photography journey, I embarked on a somewhat unconventional venture that taught me valuable lessons about the business side of my passion. 

“Eager to establish myself and gain exposure, I offered free portrait sessions to my friends. It seemed like a generous gesture at the time, but little did I realize the hidden costs involved. As word spread about my free sessions, I was overloaded with requests. 

“While the experience was a fantastic opportunity to practice and build my portfolio, it soon became apparent that I needed to pay more attention to the time and resources required to deliver quality photographs.Managing three little kids, the shoots, editing, admin, and all the bookkeeping made it challenging. On top of that, the complete lack of daycare in the city meant we had to hire a nanny every time I had a client, and my husband was at work. 

“Editing the photos took much longer than anticipated, and with the back-and-forth with clients, I soon found myself spending more on these aspects than I had initially budgeted. 

“In the early years, I dedicated significant time to self-education, learning the technical aspects of photography, mastering composition, and understanding the nuances of lighting

“At the start, I was driven by a passion for capturing memorable moments and emotions through my lens. I built a portfolio by working with friends and family as I grew my skills, gradually expanding my network. The ensuing years brought exciting opportunities, including my first solo wedding shoot. For this ‘big day,’ I hired a professional wedding photographer to supervise and guide me. LOL! This experience tested my abilities and boosted my confidence in delivering high-quality work under the pressure of a live event. 

Julia Burakova, Silver Moon photography,Vancouver, Canada, Helen Siwak, portfolio, yvr

“Networking has also played a crucial role in my journey. This continuous learning process has been instrumental in refining my craft and keeping my style fresh and contemporary. I want to thank photographer Yanina Sky for supporting me and always believing in me. Jessica Liang at Nook and Brittany Michalchuk 
of YVR Entrepreneur Club, thank you for connecting me with like-minded female entrepreneurs, and a big shout out to 
Dave Singh, the owner of Wellgroomed, a wedding attire boutique in Surrey, for being a kind soul and supportive in my creative shoots. 

“When I started, I offered $50 photoshoots and had over 75 bookings within the first month. When I got good client feedback, I realized that anything was possible. I am glad I faced my fear (I was so afraid of not having any experience or technical camera knowledge) and went in it anyway.

“After two years in photography, I am a well-known photographer in the city. I have photographed celebrities and travelled for shoots. I do what I love, and I get paid for it.All is possible if you believe in yourself and capitalize on your skills and interests. My journey as a self-taught wedding and portrait photographer has been a fulfilling and dynamic adventure. 

“However, at the beginning of this journey, I searched for mentors in Vancouver from whom I could learn and get guidance. I only found those charging thousands of dollars for a Zoom call! So, I started consuming online education and applying what I learned to real-life experiences. I became fearless—always taking on projects and doing the best of my ability—and ensuring the communication between me and the client was clear. 

“I am a self-taught wedding and portrait photographer on a mission to capture love stories and individual moments as authentically and beautifully as possible. My business model provides every client with a personalized and immersive experience. I don’t just take photos; I tell stories. I believe we are all unique and beautiful, and I see that beauty through my camera.

“I strive to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment, ensuring that every smile, glance, and emotion is preserved in its purest form.

“I would love to travel more for work, whether weddings, events, portrait sessions, or brand photoshoots. My favourite shooting locations are Kent Vancouver, The Vancouver Club, Westwood Plateau Golf Course, Hycroft Manor, Fairmont Pacific Rim, Whistler Fairmont, and Bella Casa Venue in Florida.

“A year ago, I photographed a wedding for one of Michael Buble‘s best friends, and Michael was also the officiant! As I took a selfie with him, I remembered how, four years prior, I was at his concert singing along to his songs. What a life-changing experience! 


“The largest budget wedding I have ever shot was almost $200,000. Those types of weddings are always mind-blowing as the level of detail and beauty is exceptional. 

“When it comes to weddings, I have seen it all, including a red lipstick accidentally flying into the bride’s wedding dress and leaving a 3-foot-long smear just 10 minutes before the ceremony. Or how about a groomsman dipping their tie in curry 30 minutes before the reception? 
I always jump in and help – including washing that groomsman tie and using stain remover on that wedding dress! 
I am not just a photographer capturing the day; I am a superhero with a camera – serving my clients in the best possible way – and sometimes 
saving the day! 

Julia Burakova, Silver Moon photography,Vancouver, Canada, Helen Siwak, portfolio, yvr

“In 2024, I am developing a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase visibility and attract new clients. I am open to working on strategic partnerships with vendors and local businesses. Strengthening my online presence through an updated website and active social media engagement will be crucial for reaching a wider audience and showcasing my portfolio. 

“My ideal collaboration would be with renowned wedding professionals such as Alicia Keats Weddings & Events, Laurie Arons Special Events in San Francisco, DreamGroup Weddings + Events, and luxury venues like Fairmont Vancouver or Hycroft Manor that align with the vision and aesthetic of Silver Moon Photography.

“I am also interested in working with Amrit Photography or Blush Photography, as they inspire me in the photography world. By partnering with these esteemed professionals, we would create unforgettable wedding experiences that exceed our client’s expectations, elevating their special day to new heights of elegance and sophistication.

“I aim to grow my business by expanding my services to include personalized high-end branding portrait sessions and destination event photography

Additionally, I plan to enhance my skill set by investing in advanced education, such as specialized courses, furthering my knowledge of business and marketing strategies. 

“To take Silver Moon to the next level, an investment of $20,000 would allow the company to expand its services, reach a wider audience, and provide exceptional service to clients across different regions.

“I hand edit all my work, so adding a skilled retoucher would maximize the number of clients I could work within a month. I would also use the investment to upgrade my studio equipment with two Sony A1 bodies, a 70-200 mm lens for more in-depth portraits and 16 mm for more creative shoots, hire an assistant for on and off-site shoots, and expand my studio portrait business as I also truly enjoy working in that field.”

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Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
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