EcoLuxLuv Marketing & Communications Inc. (ELL Comms) is thrilled to announce a partnership with King Willow Management Inc. to launch the Port/Folio.YVR Podcast in late summer. This podcast will passionately showcase the West Coast lifestyle, a lifestyle that has consistently ranked Vancouver and Vancouver Island among the top places to live in the world. By sharing these stories, the partnership aims to inspire and captivate listeners, fostering a sense of connection to this unique lifestyle.

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Dawn Chubai, founder and CEO of King Willow Management Inc., will work with publisher ELL Comms to design, launch, host, and promote the Port/Folio.YVR Podcast which will feature a curated selection of people, personalities, businesses, and entrepreneurs gleaned from the company’s digital magazine roster, including Folio.YVR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, Portfolio.YVR Business & Entrepreneur, and EcoLuxLifestyle Women’s Magazine.

With her extensive experience as a longtime host on Vancouver’s Breakfast Television and National TV Home Shopping TSC (The Shopping Channel), Chubai brings a wealth of knowledge to the new podcast series. Her expertise in media and on-camera performance coaching, coupled with her active role in shaping the future of the live commerce industry, ensures a high-quality and engaging podcast experience for our international viewers/listeners, instilling confidence in the podcast’s quality.

“As the lead feature in Issue #3 of PORTFOLIO.YVR, I quickly recognized the potential for a branded podcast to enhance the platform’s support for entrepreneurs and businesses. In launching this partnership, I am thrilled to help elevate these voices and create a space where innovation, insight, and inspiration take centre stage. In today’s changing media landscape, traditional opportunities are often elusive, but with this initiative, we can proactively share compelling narratives that resonate broadly. Leveraging the extensive reach of the ELL Comms digital magazines, we enable businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with diverse audiences, ensuring they are heard and seen without waiting for a rare nod from traditional media,” explained Chubai from her studio in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour.

Helen Siwak, Founder and CEO of EcoLuxLuv Marketing & Communications and publisher of the titles above, expressed strong confidence in the partnership, sharing, “With Dawn’s expertise, an intensive digital marketing strategy, and a diverse and interesting roster of personalities to work with, the soon-to-launch Port/Folio.YVR Podcast will allow those who have worked with us in the past to build upon their media placements and those scheduled in upcoming issues to customize their experience to maximize exposure. Our sponsored package is reasonably priced for the market and includes a 30-minute professionally recorded and edited podcast with host Dawn Chubai, a recognizable and respected media personality, multiple ‘shorts’ for promotional purposes, social media placements, and inclusion in our DTC newsletters.”

Any and all persons and businesses featured in ELL Comms publications are encouraged to contact Helen Siwak to discuss this exciting new versatile digital add-on for their marketing and media exposure efforts.


Author Profile

Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
Helen Siwak is the founder of EcoLuxLuv Marketing & Communications Inc and publisher of Folio.YVR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, PORTFOLIOY.YVR Business & Entrepreneurs Magazine, and digital women's lifestyle magazine She is a prolific content creator, consultant, and marketing and media strategist within the ecoluxury lifestyle niche. Post-pandemic, she has worked with many small to mid-sized plant-based/vegan brands to build their digital foundations and strategize content creation and business development. Helen is the west coast correspondent to Canada’s top-read industry magazine Retail-Insider, holds a vast freelance portfolio, and consults with many of the world’s luxury heritage brands. Always seeking new opportunities and challenges, you can email her at
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