Everlasting Candle Co, a BC-based company, stands out for its exquisite home decor items. You may have seen the company’s trio of candles in Architectural Digest or as decor in the Netflix series ‘Buying Beverly Hills.’

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Entrepreneurs Tamara and Jesse Furgason created The Everlasting Candle. This trio of candles was designed to elevate the ambiance of any room. What sets these candles apart is Pristine Oil®, their clean-burning, smoke-free, and scent-free nature, which exudes elegance and creates a captivating atmosphere.

everlasting candles, helen siwak, portfolioyvr, vancouver, home decor, yvr, ecoluxury


The concept for Everlasting Candle was born out of Tamara and Jesse‘s passion for bringing friends and family together. As avid hosts, they regularly enhanced the dining experience with candlelight, but they wanted more than the short lifespan and messiness of traditional wax candles, including the smoke and soot they produced. This dissatisfaction inspired them to innovate a reusable oil-burning candle made of steel, ensuring it never melts.

Tamara, a doctor with a background in Public Health, and Jesse, an experienced marketer, joined forces to redefine the candle experience for everyone. Their love for candles and their ability to warm any space fueled their endeavour.

Aside from being business partners, Tamara and Jesse are also devoted parents to three beautiful children. Their love and laughter inspire the couple daily, reminding them that the simplest moments with loved ones are often the most precious. This deep connection to family drives them to design candles that enhance the ambiance of homes, fostering an environment where people can gather, share stories, and create enduring memories with their loved ones.


Everlasting Candles are not just beautiful, they also make a difference. Meticulously handcrafted through a meaningful collaboration with the Disability Association of Canada, each purchase supports fair and equal employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. This partnership is a testament to the company’s mission of creating a brighter, more inclusive future for all.


everlasting candles, helen siwak, portfolioyvr, vancouver, home decor, yvr, ecoluxury


The Jervis collection, named after the beaches of Australia, adds a touch of laid-back luxury to your home.

Bondi – A timeless classic in clear
Whitehaven – Pure as white stone
Pebble – As natural and inviting as stone
Misty – The serene shades of a coastal grey sky
Honeymoon – Warm as the sand beneath your feet
Rocky – Bold and matte in black

everlasting candles, helen siwak, portfolioyvr, vancouver, home decor, yvr, ecoluxury


With its softly rounded top, Wylie is available in eight shades (Pampas, Storm, Golden Hour, Moonlight, Pink Lady, Wylie: White, Black, and Green), and clear, the Wylie is Everlasting’s signature set. It was named after the Furgasons’ firstborn son.


At Everlasting Candle, the commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond crafting beautiful and sustainable candles.

Learn more about Tamara & Jesse’s innovative home decor company through their website here and follow Everlasting Candle on Instagram as new collections are launched!

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