We Are FolioYVR

Helen Siwak, CEO & EIC

A passionate storyteller and an obsessive digital content creator with a knack for repurposing, Helen arrived in Vancouver in 1989 and quickly launched the seminal underground magazine ‘In Hell’s Belly.’ The city’s first hybrid arts, culture, and activism magazine. Two years later, she was firmly entrenched in underground publishing, artist management in music, tv/film, and contracting in entertainment law.

In 1998, having written, produced, cast, directed, edited, and music supervised for tv/film with Canadian icons, she toured NA as a band manager and walked red carpets at VIFF, TIFF, Cannes, and SXSW.

Over the years, she has sought out and interviewed icons (Giorgio Armani, Pamela Anderson, Martin Sheen, Bryan Adams, Andrew Gn, Stefano Ricci, Thierry Manfred Mugler), and the infamous (Larry Flynt, Raif Adelberg, Ron Jeremy, Marilyn Manson), and more.

A renewed interest in publishing came in 2015 when she acquired BLUSHVancouver digital magazine and re-built it into a lucrative asset with 1M visitors in its first year. Creating a women’s mid-market lifestyle brand funded with sponsored content was new and exciting. After a year of events, travel, personality spotlights, sales and web development, she was ready to move on and sold the company.

Doors opened at VancityBuzz (now Daily Hive) and multiple Toronto-based digital lifestyle magazines. Through her network, Helen extended her reach into the print world as Editor-in-Chief of the now-defunct HLM Luxury Lifestyle Magazine and a senior contributor to Boulevard Magazine (English & Chinese) before returning to digital as West Coast Correspondent of Retail-Insider, a contributor to Montecristo Magazine, and numerous others.

In December 2019, seeking to fill a void in the local market for effective, eco-friendly and distraction-free content, she launched EcoLuxLifestyle.co and Folio.YVR Luxury Lifestyle (flippable and digital versions) as marketing vehicles for her latest venture – EcoLuxLuv Communications and Marketing. ELL Comms specializes in guiding small BC-based businesses with ethical and eco-friendly mandates to success through digital solid foundation development and comprehensive marketing strategies.

For over a decade, Helen has worked with brands to tell their stories through content creation, publishing, and digital marketing. She has never been one to shy away from a challenge; she is an expert-level problem-solver, an unorthodox troubleshooter with an extensive network of international connections honed from decades of entrepreneurism.

Giovanna Lazzarini, Contributor

Giovanna is the founder and lead stylist at GIIO, content creator, and writer currently based in Vancouver. As the Jr. Lifestyle Editor for EcoLuxLifestyle Magazine, she works with Canadian brands and women-led businesses that promote sustainable lifestyles through innovative products and offerings.

Giovanna seeks to foster relationships with brands such as these as she continues to grow and expand her own styling business and professional endeavours.

Born in Brazil, Giovanna has a deep appreciation for the holistic and nature-centred approach within her culture. She enjoys experiencing different cultures as well and strives to promote diversity, ethics, and personal responsibility in her work.

In addition to her position at EcoLuxLifestyle, Giovanna has gained experience in technical fashion apparel and athleisure through her position at Lululemon. Her years working in fashion retail have also enabled her to learn how to provide high-quality customer service and understand the needs of the Vancouver fashion consumer.

Jordyn Broom, Contributor

A few ways to describe Jordyn are a globally recognized marketing strategist, audacious storyteller, and eco-luxury visionary. Jordyn seeks to develop and share the legacy stories of west-coast luxury brands and the incredible visionaries who have embraced eco-conscious and compassionate initiates.

Having spent a decade of her life in all facets of luxury, working with the planet’s most elite entrepreneurs, iconic founders and Fortune 500 executives to amplify and commercialize their brilliance, Jordyn knows how to create stories on the most influential brands.