For over 13 years, Vancouver’s Luxury & Supercar event has celebrated automotive excellence by presenting the finest vehicles from the past, present, and future.

At the 2023 edition, held at the Richmond Olympic Oval Riverside Place, a new UK marque joined the main-stays – Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, McLaren, Rolls-Royce, Audi, Land Rover, and others.

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ARC is renowned for its state-of-the-art technology and stunning motorcycle design. It recently made its first US delivery – one of only two Founder’s Signature Edition models to be built – to beloved Canadian personality Ryan Reynolds, marking a significant milestone in its journey to conquer new frontiers.

ARC’s presence in Vancouver was more than just a coincidence; it was a strategic choice aligned with its commitment to excellence. The ARC team believed there was no better place for ARC Vector to make its mark than amid a gathering of vehicles that shared the same calibre of distinction and innovation.

In a setting where luxury and performance are paramount, ARC Vector stood with the finest automobiles ever designed.

Showcasing at Luxury & Supercar was an opportunity to reveal ARC’s remarkable fusion of cutting-edge technology, breathtaking design, and unparalleled performance to an audience that truly understood and appreciated the artistry and engineering behind each vehicle. For a single day, the team was able to forge connections, inspire enthusiasts, and share the ARC vision for the future of electric motorcycles. It was a momentous occasion, and being in Vancouver, surrounded by the best in the industry, felt like the perfect stage to highlight what sets Arc apart.

arc vector, luxury supercar event, helen siwak, folioyvr, ecoluxury, electric motorcycles, vancouver, bc, yvr


The Arc Vector is not only the most advanced electric motorcycle ever brought to market; it is a bike that utilizes exotic materials, thoroughbred componentry, cutting-edge architecture and technological innovations that have never been applied to two-wheeled transport before. The revolutionary modular battery monocoque is a legacy-free platform. ARC Vector features patented front-end geometry, carbon fibre swingarms, custom Öhlins dampers and Brembo Stylema brake system. Releasing the design process from the necessity to incorporate cross-vehicle architecture maximizes its true potential. Replacing the traditional chassis with the battery facilitates the Vector’s class-leading range and performance bike mass figures, delivering a dynamic experience often lost with electric vehicles, especially motorcycles. The 240kg electric bike has a 16.8kWh Li-ion battery with a NEDC range of 436km. The 95 kW/127hp electric motor takes the motorbike from 0-100kph in 3.2a and reaches an electronically-limited top speed of 200kph.

arc vector, luxury supercar event, helen siwak, folioyvr, ecoluxury, electric motorcycles, vancouver, bc, yvr


Non-conformist mavericks create ARC motorcycles for spirited and eco-conscious individuals. Designed and built by a team of visionary engineering specialists led by founder and CEO Mark Truman, the Vector unites world-first technology, best-in-class performance and quality, and a level of exclusivity that will make this one of the most lusted-after EVs ever to enter production. “We love journeys and experiences, some of us like travelling quickly, some are more methodical and technical. But we hold one thing in common – attitude. To unselfishly do the best that can be done with the technology and materials around us. It is this attitude which when pulled together makes Arc such a special business, and in turn, makes special vehicles,” shares Truman. We were thrilled for the ARC Vector to be at the Luxury & Supercar grand event because it showcased a sustainable and breathtakingly exciting future of mobility.

Interested in owning one of these magnificent beasts? Pricing starts at $120,000 and each is created bespoke for the discerning rider.

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Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
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