Like every year, Maison Guerlain celebrates the arrival of spring with its emblematic Muguet in a limited, numbered pieces edition. 

Guerlain Muguet, perfume, couture, Vancouver, Canada, Helen Siwak, folio, yvr

Guerlain reaffirms its commitment to 
arts and crafts by collaborating with 
Anne Lopez for this long-awaited and exclusive lucky rendezvous. 

On the iconic Bee Bottle, the sculptor brings subtle bells fashioned in stucco and enhanced with 22-carat fine gold, turning the 2024 Millésime into a singular sculptural work reminiscing a freshly
picked sprig of Lily of the Valley

Guerlain Muguet, perfume, couture, Vancouver, Canada, Helen Siwak, folio, yvr


It is to Guerlain’s Master Perfumer that we owe the feat of reproducing the fragrance of Lily of the Valley. Described as ‘mute,’ its natural essence is impossible to extract. Guerlain’s Muguet, composed since 2016 by Thierry Wasser, captures the scent of the lucky sprigs as faithfully as possible. The green notes, meeting the floral preciousness of jasmine and rose, adorn this emblematic trail with soft and pearly green and rosy facets in a burst of freshness. At the heart of this bouquet, the olfactory illusion of Lily of the Valley emerges. 


The adornment of lucky bell-shaped flowers was born from her delicate sketches, drafts that create a singular vision. Fashioned in stucco, a coating made of marble powder, the twenty-four bell-shaped flowers are illuminated with gold and the two green leaves are sculpted by Anne Lopez directly on the glass. Just like a delicate necklace, the Lily of the Valley sprig composition unfolds in a considered way around the bottle’s curves: plump bell-shaped flowers at the top, then gradually refining into an utterly graceful string. 

Guerlain Muguet, perfume, couture, Vancouver, Canada, Helen Siwak, folio, yvr


To enhance the Bee Bottle, the artisan Anne sculps the stucco while still malleable and shapes each element of the adornment by hand, one by one, before the material solidifies on contact with air. To perfect this exceptional sprig, the artist applies 22-carat gold leaf to certain flowers, each gilded effect being unique and tailored to the flower’s singular design. The final touch to this springtime bouquet, the Dames de Table in the Guerlain ateliers, add a delicate golden thread around the neck of the bottle and place an all-gold label at its heart. Each piece is an act of craftsmanship, requiring many hours of meticulous work by hand, giving them a unique character. 

In addition, Guerlain is offering a limited and numbered edition of 4,855 pieces of 125mL is presented with a 30mL Nomad travel spray and a funnel to take the fragrance with you in all circumstances.

Experience the Creation of Spring's Guerlain Muguet

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