Luxx Nova Bridal Boutique, based in Vancouver, BC, is the creation of co-founders and sisters Tatiana Berdyugin and Natalia Khlystov, established in 2017

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With their extensive experience in the wedding industry, Tatiana and Natalia have elevated Luxx Nova to become one of Canada‘s most prestigious wedding boutiques. 

Luxx Nova offers an exclusive selection of dresses typically found only in Europe. The boutique embodies unique wedding styles and designs, infusing a touch of European elegance into Vancouver. 

The Luxx Nova team is dedicated to delivering the perfect dress for each bride. Each gown in their collection tells its unique story, crafted from luxurious fabrics, adorned with exquisite décor, and brought to life by the finest ateliers

These gowns exemplify the highest standards of European production quality, earning admiration and reverence from professionals across the Canadian wedding industry.


Tatiana Berdyugin, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Luxx Nova Bridal is the visionary behind this thriving bridal boutique in the heart of Yaletown. With a robust background in marketing and over a decade of experience in the wedding industry, Tatiana’s passion for the bridal industry has driven her to create a unique and upscale shopping experience for brides. 

Originally from Eastern Europe, Tatiana moved to Vancouver, determined to elevate the bridal fashion scene in Canada. Beginning her career in wedding photography, she developed a keen eye for detail and beauty, which she now channels into business. The boutique serves brides across North America through a physical and online storefront.

Tatiana’s creative direction at Luxx Nova ensures that the boutique stands out with its exclusive, upscale, and modern bridal options. This unique approach has made Luxx Nova the go-to destination for extraordinary brides, setting it apart from other bridal boutiques. Her dedication and innovative vision continue to inspire and propel the business forward, solidifying her status as an expert and leader in the industry. 

Natalia Khlystov, Co-Founder and Chief of Operations and Business Development at Luxx Nova Bridal, drives the boutique’s operational excellence and market growth. With a background in economics, Natalia has worked diligently to build and maintain strong relationships with European designers, exclusive brand partners, and staff. 

Natalia moved from Eastern Europe to join her sister Tatiana in their wedding photography venture, bringing a touch of European elegance to Canada. Their shared passion and unique perspective naturally led to the opening of the bridal boutique. 

In a world full of repetition, Natalia’s eye for uniqueness that makes brides feel unforgettable and timeless. Her success and experience in the industry are a testament to her work ethic, passion, and dedication. Natalia’s strategic skills have been crucial to establishing Luxx Nova Bridal and its distinguished image, but it is her personal touch and dedication to serving each bride that truly sets Luxx Nova apart. 

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“We did not set out to be entrepreneurs; we simply followed our dreams. We never imagined we would open a successful business in a foreign country, let alone as two sisters working together! 

“We were not the type of kids who constantly brainstormed business ideas or tried to make money from a young age. Our journey happened organically, step by step, dress by dress, appointment by appointment

“Now, here we are, running the most modern bridal boutique, a place where brides can find exclusive lines by Europe’s most renowned designers, nestled in the heart of the most beautiful city in the world. 

“Growing up, we were expected to follow traditional career paths (school, college, university, jobs), and entrepreneurship was not encouraged. 

“Yet, we took a leap of faith and started our bridal boutique. It was a bold and daring move, one that was both exciting and a bit surreal. As our business grew, the support came naturally from the happiness of our brides, designers and our success. It showed us that following our dream was the right choice, even if it was not the traditional path. 

“We were not new to the bridal industry when we opened our bridal boutique almost seven years ago. We had been wedding photographers for a few years before we opened Luxx Nova Bridal Boutique. Since the inception of our idea to sell wedding dresses in Canada, our journey has been quite eventful. 

“Initially, we started as wholesalers, aiming to work with bridal stores. We created a comprehensive website and a portal, gathered information, and launched an Instagram page. However, within a few months, we realized wholesaling differed from the path we wanted to pursue. 

“We made a bold decision to erase everything we had worked on and shifted our focus to working with brides rather than with stores.

 “We began hosting pop-up sales wherever possible until we secured our first showroom. It was a tiny room in an office building in Downtown Vancouver, but we did an incredible job decorating it and making it look amazing. 

“It was a proud moment for us, a testament to our hard work and determination. Still, it differed from what you would expect from a bridal boutique, but we were thrilled and proud to have our own space. 

“Then, the pandemic hit, and the following years were tough. But we did not let that stop us. Towards the end, we noticed a rise in inquiries and sales, giving us the push to look for a new home for our boutique. Now situated in Yaletown, one of Vancouver’s most prized neighbourhoods, our storefront is more prominent, brighter, more comfortable, welcoming, and memorable for our brides. 

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“Yaletown was our dream initially, but we did not limit our search for a new location to just there. We had a few main criteria: abundant natural light, air conditioning, and high ceilings. We learned that these elements were essential for our brides’ experience. It seemed impossible to find a place that met all these requirements. We spent over three years searching, refusing to settle for anything less than perfect. We wanted to establish our Luxx Nova in a location where we could stay for a very long time. After seeing hundreds of places and working with three different realtors, we still believe this was one of the biggest challenges we have faced in our business. Although we operate by appointment only and do not focus on having a storefront, we could not be happier with our choice. 

“Despite keeping an open mind, we focused solely on downtown. It is a common belief that bridal boutiques in downtown areas are more modern, stylish, unique, and fashionablethan those in other locations. That was the image we wanted to portray. Yaletown adds its charm to our boutique, being a hub for modern and unique businesses. We could not be happier with our decision.

“Finding the perfect place was incredibly challenging, but we finally succeeded. After months of renovations and creating our design—bringing custom-made mirrors from Turkey and custom-made iron racks and fitting rooms—the most stylish bridal boutique in Vancouver was ready to open.

“On December 3, 2022, we opened our doors to our new location and couldn’t be happier. Our journey has been filled with challenges and triumphs, each step bringing us closer to our vision. 

“We had many “first sales” before moving to our new location, as we went through several different stages. However, we feel that the real Luxx Nova began when we opened our doors at the Yaletown location. We clearly remember our first sale there. 

“It was our first appointment and the very first bride who came in. She travelled from out of town with her whole family to shop at our boutique. She said “YES” to one of our most unique dresses. There were a lot of tears and hugs, and we cried together. It was an unforgettable and emotional moment, a moment that reminded us why we started this journey in the first place. 

“Although we have been together since birth, we did not become business partners until we opened our first business – a wedding photography company. Initially, working together was challenging. It was not always easy, and sometimes we fought. Even though we are sisters, we are so different. We have different personalities and different characters. It took us a few years to learn new sides of each other and to find ways to compromise, work together, and lead our business to success

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“One day, we had a heart-to-heart conversation and made a pact: we would continue doing business together, but if we ever felt that the business was ruining our sisterhood, we would close it down. Since then, we have been fine. We are very different and responsible for different parts of the business, which makes us a strong team. We both mutually feel that there is no better partner for us than one another. 

“It is hard to have a personal life when you own a business, especially when it is a bridal business—when you must work all weekends. Thankfully, we both have the most amazing husbands who have supported us from the beginning, every step of the way. 

We could not have done it without them. From carrying racks and dresses for our pop-up sales in the early days to working late nights to ensure the renovation of our new space was completed on time, they have been our rocks. 

“Having each other has also been an enormous blessing. We can rely on one another 100%, which allows us to make travel plans, knowing the store and our customers are in good hands. 

“However, it is still challenging for us to plan trips together, but we are working on it! Despite these challenges, our supportive partners, strong teamwork, and staff have made it possible to balance our personal lives with our business. 

“The pivotal moment came when we saw our sales grew after opening our new location. Reading our Google reviews, seeing the heartfelt messages from our happy brides, and seeing their wedding photos brought tears to our eyes.

“It was in those moments that we realized it was all working out and that we were truly making a difference in the lives of our brides. 

“We have many exciting plans to take our business to the next level. We are bringing in new collections from well-known designers to offer our brides even more stunning options. Additionally, we have some exciting events planned to create memorable experiences for our clients and further establish our boutique as a premier destination for brides. 

“Our lives are pretty unpredictable, but everything is moving forward as planned. This is the nature of our lives and business—you never know what will be different each season. We constantly adapt to new trends, welcome new designers, onboard new employees, and meet new brides. Each generation of brides brings unique preferences and styles, keeping us on our toes and ensuring our boutique remains fresh and relevant. This continuous evolution is exciting and challenging, but it makes our journey so rewarding.

“Our business model is centred on providing a private, personalized experience for each bride, ensuring that every bride leaves happy. The designers we carry are from Europe and are unavailable in other stores in Vancouver — or even surrounding areas like Washington, Oregon, Alberta and the eastern part of Canada, and this results in getting many brides from Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, and the USA.  But, having been to many of our European designers’ flagship stores over our years in business has inspired us to offer a parallel level of service, one that is unique and one we would say differentiates Luxx Nova from the rest of the Vancouver bridal market. 

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“When most brides visit our boutique for the first time, they are in awe of our modern selection. Our boutique offers a unique atmosphere, exceptional service, and expert advice from our stylists. We understand the importance and difficulty of choosing the perfect wedding dress, so we never pressure brides to make an immediate decision. Instead, we focus on creating a memorable, stress-free experience where each bride feels valued and supported. This commitment to a tailored, thoughtful approach is what sets us apart. 

“Each season, we invest heavily in new inventory and cannot wait to receive the latest samples from our famous designers. We are constantly working on our website— our night-time job without vacations or sick days—and we are finally happy with the results.

 “Moving forward, now that Yaletown Luxx Nova is open and thriving, we are in the early stages of launching a big, creative, and unique fashion event featuring a catwalk showcasing our dresses for brides and wedding industry vendors

“Bridal stores in Canada often focus more on sales than the experience, but we want to offer something more—a show that creates excitement for future brides even before engagement. Vancouver lacks fashion events, so why not start a trend? By the end of 2025, we hope to realize this vision and begin expansion plans across Canada.”

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Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer
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