The future of Porsche is right here in Metro Vancouver. At the first-of-its-kind Porsche pop-up store, Porsche NOW, the all-new all-electric Porsche Taycan was the star of the show. Two industry giants, OpenRoad Auto Group and Dilawri Group of Companies, came together to break ground on the construction of a brand-new Porsche Centre at the Richmond Auto Mall.

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The Porsche Taycan is the company’s impressive first step into the luxury electric vehicle market. This four-door sedan is sleek on the inside and out. A wide variety of customizations are available, including a fully vegan interior. Even without a gas engine, it retains the traditional Porsche feel that enthusiasts know and love.

The centre of gravity is low, lower than any other before, making for excellent handling even at high speeds. The top-of-the-line model, the Turbo S, boasts a ludicrously fast 0 – 100km/h in 2.8-seconds. This vehicle remains a Porsche through and through, even down to the sound.

Unlike most current EVs, the Porsche Taycon has an amplification system to route the mechanical noise of the gearbox through speakers inside and out, giving the ordinarily silent EV driving experience the sound one expects of a high-performance vehicle. The Taycan starts at $220K, with options roughly another $30K.

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Not only does the Porsche Taycan offer the traditional luxury vehicle feel without the pollution, the factory it will be manufactured in is just as green.

Located in Zuffenhausen, Germany, this new modern factory will produce a vehicle that will be carbon-neutral. The electricity required to power the plant will come from renewable sources and biogas for extreme energy efficiency. This massive undertaking includes a body shop, a paint shop, a plant to produce the motors and components, and an assembly hall.

It was only fitting for this groundbreaking new electric vehicle to be unveiled during an event at the Porsche NOW pop-up, a first of its kind in the world. Located at Richmond’s Aberdeen Square, this retail concept offers a design centre where customers can custom-build their own Porsche, an augmented reality visualizer for clients to experience their dream Porsche, as well branded Porsche products such as fashion, watches, eyewear, electronics, and bags.

porsche, taycan, turbo s, aberdeen, helen siwak, mona rose butler, ecoluxluv, folioyvr, vancouver, bc, vancity, yvr

This space serves as a taste of the partnership between OpenRoad and the Dilawri. Just hours before the reveal of the Taycon, representatives from both companies, as well as Porsche Canada, broke ground at the site of the new Porsche Centre Richmond.

The Porsche Taycan is a welcome addition to the luxury driving market with its excellent acceleration and handling, and addition of sound and vegan interior option. The new carbon-neutral factory in Germany means that this vehicle is truly green. The Porsche NOW pop-up, as well as the coming dealership in Richmond, are unique not only for their features but because they are born from a great partnership.

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